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Rick and Morty:Virtual Rick-ality PS4 – Game Review

Developer: Owlchemy Labs
Genre: PS4 VR GAME
Released: April 2018

Live like Rick and Morty in the Rick and Morty Universe and Go on Rick and Morty Adventures! You’re a Morty clone created to do some of the more meaningless tasks around the garage as the real Morty goes off with Grandpa on some crazy adventures. Sound lame? Well at least you’ll be able to play with some of the countless weapons and Rick’s creations in the garage, right? You can maybe even engage in some out of this world adventure, yes? No. Doing chores is just as boring as it sounds and you can’t even leave the garage! What the hell is this? Rick Sanchez wouldn’t be happy.
Graphics and Sound:
The graphics aren’t of the highest quality. It’s actually rather low resolution 3-D and it makes me wonder, why bother? The style of the game would have been better suited if it was just done in the traditional 2D we’re used to seeing Rick and Morty in. This made the entire game feel cheap, under developed, and less then as immersive as you could make a Virtual Reality game be. At least the models were completely rendered. With an entire year since it’s release on the PC platform, it doesn’t look like Owlchemy Labs did anything to make this game look better on the PS4. Rick is starting to get a little pissed.
Game Play:
You are stuck in the garage. Literally. That’s the game. You are only able to teleport to 3 different locations to do Morty’s chores. You can’t even turn around in a full 180. You’re stuck facing the inner wall the entire time and must look over your shoulder like an indentured servant to read the mission board behind you. In order to complete some of the tasks requires the use of interacting with objects outside of your range of reach. What better way to complicate things by requiring you to puppet a Mr. Meeseeks? Sounds like it would be a pretty easy thing, however, it’s not.  Unlike their cartoon counterparts, Mr Meeseeks doesn’t do a thing on his own to help you. Some tasks require more than one Mr. Meeseeks, but just like in the cartoon, if you call too many, things get crowded and complicated. Spending 20 minutes trying to pass an item from Mr. Meeseeks to Mr. Meeseeks to only have it buggy and fail was not fun and my personal breaking point for the game. At this point, Rick Sanchez would have lost his shit and shot this game into a portal.
Over All:
I had such high hopes for a Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-ality game! The cartoon is so low resolution and stylized that a VR Game would be an instant hit! After playing this game, I don’t think anyone could wrap up a Review for it better than Rick Sanchez himself: “::BURP:: How could you F*** this up? Y-Y-You-You had all of the ingredients to make something amazing ::BURP:: and-and you blew it! I mean, man, you blew it bigtime! ::BURP:: Way to go! You must be a Jerry! ::BURP:: Thanks for ruining what could have been ::BURP:: amazing Jerry!”
In short, Don’t buy this game. Don’t even play it. It seemed broken. Often. I wasn’t able to do some of the tasks because Mr. Meeseeks is less than helpful and extremely difficult to control. It was frustrating and highly disappointing.
The graphics were poor and basic. Not a fun play.