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Rogue One Teaser Trailer (Part 2)!

Jondee here at the Celebration,


This is a return to the article for the last day of Star Wars Celebration, April 19, 2015.  It gives some info on Rogue One.  (Pablo) Hidalgo then gave the official summary, “A rogue band of resistance fighters unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans and bring new hope to the galaxy.” Edwards explained the teaser trailer, “We used the magic of ILM.” He continued “It’s set after Episode Three and before Episode Four, my favorite film of all time is A New Hope.” There was also some discussion by Edwards about the Jedi, “The absence of the Jedi is omni-present in the film. It hangs over the whole movie. It comes down to a group of individuals who don’t have magical powers who somehow bring hope to the galaxy.” Kiri spoke about Rebels and possible crossovers with Rogue One, “We’re very much aware the fact that things are happening on the same part of the timeline, there’s opportunity there.” Edwards, “It’s very black and white; the good guys were really incredibly good, the bad guys were really bad, and our movie is basically the grey that leads to that event, that leads to New Hope. It’s the reality of war.”


Hidalgo talked about Felicity Jones as the only confirmed cast member. Edwards said, “She plays a Rebel soldier.” He added, “We were just very lucky that she was a Star Wars fan and dropped everything to come aboard.” The crew was covered including Greig Fraser as director of photography, Edwards noted that he was dp on Zero Dark Thirty (2012), Neal Scanlon, head of the Creature Team, Neal Lamont and Doug Chiang are the production designers. Hidalgo noted all of the crew who worked on war films. Edwards replied, “It’s called Star – WARS.” Next, the story credit was discussed and John Knoll was brought on stage. He said, “I kinda was thinking about what kind of story would I like to see told.” Knoll went to pitch the story to Kathleen Kennedy and Kiri Hart, “I pitched the twenty minute version of this and I got a pretty good response.” Edwards kept the secret for six months, until the Hollywood Reporter was going to leak the story, so he went on FaceTime with his mother. When he revealed the next film he working on was Star Wars, the screen showed his Snapshot photo of his mother overjoyed at the news, and Gareth in the corner, smiling.

Hidalgo then ended the panel with proof of Edwards’ Star Wars cred. He explained that he went to Tunisia for his 30th birthday party. He stayed at the Sidi Driss hotel where they filmed the moisture farm scenes. “I even took some dye so I could buy some milk and drink blue milk.” The crowd went wild with this part. Then, he went to take a shot of the Lars homestead looking at the sky (no double sun). Edwards went on to discuss the production, “We’re shooting in the UK. Also, around the world. The locations I don’t want to say because I’m worried 3,000 people will turn up.” Hidalgo wrapped up the panel saying that there would another occasion to show more of the film and cast. The panel ended with another screening of the teaser trailer.