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Season of the Force: Hyperspace Mountain!

Jedi Jondee here at Hyperspace Mountain,

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The second day of the Season of the Force at Disneyland filled Tomorrowland. Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios, has the Launch Bay out now. We covered Star Tours, Path of the Jedi, and some of the merchandise. Now, comes the highlight, Hyperspace Mountain! Now, it is basically Space Mountain, but given a Star Wars polish. There are videos giving the backstory, Admiral Ackbar reports that a Star Destroyer is detected in the orbit of Jakku, he sends 77 Squadron to take it out (nice nod to the opening year of Star Wars). Profiles of the Star Destroyer, X-Wings, and Jakku are shown in the video as well as on the screen in the queue with the large pod overhanging the loading area. You climb up the hill with Star Wars music blaring, “This is Blue Leader, all wings report in” (female voice), “Blue Six standing by”,”Blue Two standing by”, “Blue Four here”, “Blue Three standing by” (alien voice), “Blue Seven standing by.” Admiral Ackbar says, “Good luck, pilots.” Blue Leader, “All wings prepare to jump at my mark. Punch it!” This is the orange tunnel on Space Mountain, now it’s a star field that jumps into the blue hyperspace tunnel.


Blue Leader asks, “What was that?”, pilot remarks, “They’re coming out of nowhere!”, Ackbar reports, “Enemy fighters coming your way!”, Blue Leader, “All wings fall back!” You climb up the hill in darkness. The large orange sphere is not seen, mostly it’s darkness and the projections. A technician reports, ”Three marks coming at .04!” and Ackbar (of course) says, “It’s a trap!” There is a projection on the wall of a Star Destroyer that sends out TIE fighters above Jakku. Blue Leader calls out, “Evasive maneuvers!”, a pilot says, “Hold tight! I’m going in!”, X-Wings streak past in the projection, then you get into the fast drop and turns. There are projections of X-Wings flash by (distorted) and also TIE fighters with sound effects. Pilot screams, “I’m hit! I’m hit!” There are impressive streaks of light (not projections of laser fire), very bright and fast! You see the proton torpedoes fire towards the Star Destroyer and it blows up, the camera flashes your picture, and you jump to hyper speed!

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Star Wars Hangar Bay, this was at the former Innoventions. It is actually divided in two, the right side leads up to the Super Hero HQ which has Iron Man, Thor, and other meet and greets (I heard it’s Spider-Man instead of Captain America). To the left is the Hangar Bay, there’s the “A Long Time Ago…” on the wall which leads to a room that leads up to a title crawl on the carpet. To the left is the Dark Side with a First Order Flametrooper, Kylo Ren’s command shuttle model and Finn’s TIE Fighter. There is Kylo Ren’s lightsaber (based on an ancient design!), Captain Phasma’s helmet, blaster, and “accessories.” There is costumes of an Imperial officer and a Stormtrooper. Models of TIE fighters, a Star Destroyer, and Slave I. Unlike Science of Star Wars, the displays are extensive and had LED lights in the engines.

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To the right is the light side with models of the Millennium Falcon, a Resistance X-Wing, and Poe’s blaster. There is Han’s heavy blaster pistol, Anakin’s lightsaber, and the costume of Rey with her blaster which we saw Han give her. A cantina backdrop for pictures. There is models of a Rebel Blockade Runner, Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels, and every fighter; X-Wing, Y-Wing, B-Wing, and an A-Wing. Anakin’s Interceptor from Revenge of the Sith, the Republic gunship, and a Droid Tri-fighter. This leads to the two meet and greets; Chewbacca and Darth Vader. Chewie is in a jungle temple, there are props of all of the Rebel pilots including Poe (call sign “Black One”) and Sabine Wren’s Mandalorian helmet, lightsabers of the Jedi including Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger. Luke’s lightsaber has an outline of Luke with his glowing, green blade lightsaber. The Vader meet has stormtrooper and clone trooper helmets, the lightsabers of the Sith including Asaaj Ventress and the Inquisitor. This all leads to the store which has high end paintings, autographs of the cast, a Medal of Yavin, and statues of the First Order stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett. Season of the Force is a place for all Star Warriors!

DSC_0012 copy Rey’s costume.

DSC_0013 copy Models of the X-Wing and Millennium Falcon.

DSC_0015 copy X-Wing and Poe’s blaster pistol. DSC_0023 Model of the Ghost.

DSC_0024 Blockade Runner model.

DSC_0029 X-Wing pilot costume.

DSC_0042 TIE fighter pilot costume.

DSC_0045 TIE fighter models.

DSC_0046 Slave I model.

DSC_0052 copy Obi-Wan’s lightsaber.

DSC_0053 copy Luke’s lightsaber.

DSC_0060 copy Resistance and Rebel pilot helmets.

DSC_0068 copy Lightsabers of the Jedi.

DSC_0074 copy Ezra Bridger’s lightsaber pistol.

DSC_0083 copy First Order TIE fighter.

DSC_0090 copy Flametrooper costume.

DSC_0088 Captain Phasma’s accessories.

DSC_0156 copy Darth Vader’s lightsaber.

DSC_0158 copy Stormtrooper and Clone trooper helmets.

20151117_181513 copy 2 The lightsaber of the Inquisitor.