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Shannara Chronicles, “Breakline”, Review!

Jondee here at the Breakline,


The last episode we had Cephelo cut the line sending Wil, Amberle, and Eretria as well as the Reaper falling into a chasm! A snowy mountain, a river, and we see Wil reviving in the river. He sees the body of the Reaper. He looks at the Elfstones buried in his hand and pulls them from his bloody palm. He is looking for Amberle and Eretria, but only sees bloody marks on two stones. Wil goes looking for them in a forest and follows a bloody trail. A wild person (Stuart Shacklock) knocks him down and tries to fight with him. He says that the Elfhunters took his ears and Will shows him his Elf ears. Arborlon, Eventine meets with Arion who has returned from his mission. Eventine sends his sons with the Sword of Shannara against the Dagda Mor. The river, Amberle is coughing and pulls herself from the river. She shouts for Wil and Eretria and falls. Amberle hears voices. A tattooed woman (Zoe Robbins) and a man (Samson Chan Boon) looking for Elves. Eretria covers Amberle’s mouth who tells her that they are Elfhunters. A beach, Alannon is back on the stone, sparks come to his bloody wound. Arborlon, Commander Tilton wakes up from her bed and sees Arion at the window. I’m still getting the brothers confused without anyone bringing up their names.  Wil gets some plant for the Elf’s wound on his lost ear that also makes him happy. The Elf says his name is Perk and He s that his ears will be used for some Gnome’s tea. Eretria leads Amberle away. They are threatened by arrows sent by the Elfhunters. The female hunter picks up a sword dropped by Amberle. She knows that Amberle is a royal Elf. Eretria and Amberle fall into a trap.


The two start to recover and see what looks like a gymnasium with a “We Can Be Heroes” sign (nice Bowie reference). Amberle says that places like it were preserved from the Great War. Wil and the Elf look at the Elfhunter camp. He points out the cage where he thinks his partner, Genewen, is imprisoned. The female Elfhunter reports to the others about Amberle and Eretria. Amberle looks through a yearbook. Arborlon, Arion is about to leave and Commander Tilton tries to stop him. They kiss and he leaves to take on the Dagda Mor. The beach, Alannon is asleep and sees his death by Arion. A vision appears, it’s Alannon’s master, Bremen (Kevin J. Wilson). He wants to join his master, but Bremen tells him he must live and seals his wound. Alannon wakes with his glowing staff. Eretria is leading the way through the lost world with a torch. She gets to an exit which ends in a wall. Eretria sees Amberle’s bloody arm and gives her a letterman jacket. Amberle picks up stones (wait for it!) lost in the dust. Wil sees the Elfhunters are starting to move out and wants Perk to wait. Perk sees the big Elfhunter, Cormac, pick up his lost ear. He is knocked down and Cormac almost takes Perk’s other ear, before Wil holds a sword to him. Eretria looks after Amberle’s wound at a gym bleacher. Amberle has doubts about her people with her grandfather, Eventine’s actions. It’s some bonding time with the two women. Elfhunter repel down into the gym while Amberle and Eretria hide in the bleachers. Perk has a knife to the Cormac’s throat. The man tells him where the Elfhunters were headed, Perk is about to take his ear, and instead cuts his throat. Perk goes to the cage and a creature is inside.


The leader, Zora, has the Elfhunters search for them. Amberle acts as a decoy as Eretria struggles with an Elfhunter and Amberle knocks him out. An archer is jumped by Eretria and he fights with the two women before Eretria gives him his crossbow bolt in his eye. The Breakline, the princes continue on their quest. Amberle looks at a picture of a window out of her vision. Zora says that she hasn’t seen Eretria in a long time! They know each other. Eretria left Zora in what seems like a relationship. Alannon is riding. The princes have reached Dagda Mor’s Henge, his refuge with claw-like stones, but they are not there. Amberle is tied to a rope and Zora holds a knife to Eretria’s throat. The creature, which Wil later says is a Roc, flies overhead and Wil lands knocking out Zora. He also says that Perk is a Wing Rider. Eretria falls, but the Elfhunters fire arrows at them. Eretria is bleeding from a wound and Zora smiles above her. Mountains of the Breakline, the princes make their way to the Henge, and find a spiked prison. Bandon is there, but has turned demonic. They take out their swords facing Dagda Mor. He uses his staff to take the Sword of Shannara and kills Arion. Alannon sees the death. Ander screams. Alannon screams to the skies and sends a shockwave that knocks down the Dagda Mor. Ander is protected from Dagda Mor. Arborlon, Bandon wakes up. Amberle is worried and shows Wil the stones, it’s D10s, total D&D geekdom! Perk gives Wil a whistle that will call him. Wil promises to find Eretria. The forest, the Elfhunters take a bound Eretria in a wagon. Arborlon, Ander reports back to his father, the Changeling, about the death of Arion. He plunges the Sword of Shannara into the Demon which turns into ash. Alannon is there who tells him, “And now you are king.”  Four Elfstones out of Five!