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Shannara Chronicles, “Changeling”, Review!

Jondee here at Arborolon,


We left off last episode with Amberle entering the Ellcrys. This episode picks up a stone door opens and Amberle descending steps into the bolls of the tree. Alannon looks up at the storm gathering around Arborolon. He touches the Ellcrys and sees a demonic vision. Amberle goes Dagobah and sees shafts of light and twisted branches that open to a flower that hits her with an apocalyptic vision. She stumbles in the wasteland on a bloody face. Lorin holds out his hand to her. He swings his sword and is suddenly Wil who tells her to kill him. He attacks her with the sword and she falls. She holds her sword blade in her hand and is sliced in the arm. “Wil” has her pressed against a tree, she turns him around, and stabs him! He looks up happy as a bright sun shines. She asks where is the location of the Bloodfire and gets a flash of vision. Amberle wakens from the vision to see the flower open to show her the seed. The storm clouds break and the sun shines on Arborlon as Amberle walks out. She holds out the seed to King Eventine. He places the seed back in her hands and she eyes Wil suspiciously. A guard looks menacingly in a helmet and contacts Dagda Mor. He orders the Changeling to kill her. An Elf stares at her strange eyes and gets a sword through his mouth into his head!


Amberle sketches a pattern to show Alannon. King Eventine’s son, Ander, again distrusts Alannon, but Eventine says that the Ellcrys has chosen Amberle. Will takes the sketch and follows Amberle. He takes her hand, but she breaks away. In the forest, the Rovers with Cephelo and Eretria are approaching Arborolon. He wants the Elfstones. Catania, Amberle’s handmaiden and friend, places flowers on a casket and is comforted by Amberle. Commander Tilton is called to the sanctuary where they find the slain Elf. Banon is alone and Wil finds him. He holds his wounded wrist and is freaked out by Wil’s offer to help. Banon says that he sees the death of people he touches. Will shows him the sketch of the symbol. Banon says it was in the room where she died and also a human, Eretria! She is busy climbing into Arborolon and sees Wil. Night, Ander goes to talk to Eventine about an attack. He tells his son he will not abdicate over his rashness. A messenger arrives. Wil sees Eretria in his room, she says Cephelo will kill her, and she was bought by him as a child. She says she wants a new life away from the Rovers and moves closer. Eretria pulls him in for a kiss when he suspects a trick and then she throws him onto the bed.


Day, Alannon talks with Amberle. She wants to know where he is, he happens to be naked in bed, while Eretria walks away with the Elfstones. Banon bumps into Catania and sees a vision of her dying by Eretria’s dagger. Amberle sees Eretria. Catania runs past the Changeling guard. Amberle sees Eretria and Catania runs in, Amberle throws her to the side away from the Changeling’s dagger. Eretria walks past the Changeling guard. Ander tries to stop Eretria and is thrown down. Commander Tilton knocks her out. Eretria is brought before Eventine. Amberle explains that she fought with Eretria on the road. Wil and Alannon arrive. Commander Tilton takes her away when Wil stops her to get back the Elfstones. Commander Tilton leads her away. Eventine opens a case to show Amberle a sword, her father’s sword, he attaches her scabbard. Amberle is preparing for her journey and Wil believes Eretria is not a killer, he doesn’t have a good explanation of how she took the Elfstones. Alannon says that the demon is cloaked from his powers. Wil says that Banon has powers and Alannon says he’s a seer. At a tomb, Alannon talks to Banon, he explains that his mentor Bremen was a seer.


Amberle and Wil enter. Banon goes to touch Lorin’s head. He sees Amberle stab him with silver eyes. Alannon says it’s a Changeling. Alannon shows a book with the Changeling to Eventine. Wil offers to convince Eretria to be bait. Banon tells Will that the dead Rover was Eretria. Amberle says that she “assaulted” Wil and Eretria says “it lasted an hour.” Awkward. Eretria is taken by Wil to a room. Commander Tilton says that a guard was killed. Wil runs off through the woods to the Ellcrys. Amberle is there when Wil takes out a dagger and is knocked down by Alannon. Will appears and the Changeling shifts back to her demonic form. They have slayed demons, sneaky and otherwise, left and right. Alannon orders the Changeling body to be burned. Alannon orders them to free Eretria. He tells them that Will, Amberle, and Eretria will be the trio to go to Safehold. Amberle wraps up the One, wait, the seed, and they go to ride. Eretria is lead away in chains. This is spotted by Cephelo. The body of the Changeling is about to be burned when it appears and kills the Elf.  Four Elfstones out of Five!