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Shannara Chronicles, “Ellcrys”, Review!

Jondee here at the Ellcrys,


The last episode had our heroes carrying the seed of the Ellcrys to the Bloodfire, but Eretria fell and the demons are ready to attack. The finale begins with a dreamlike sequence with Amberle at a beach, seeing herself and brings her the seed. Her other self tells her, “You are the seed, Amberle.” Wil holds the fallen Eretria and cries over her. He takes out the Elfstones and sends its glow out to heal Eretria. She is shocked awake. Amberle is missing. Eretria opens the Bloodfire putting her hand on the fountain. Amberle hears Wil’s voice. The other Amberle fades into ash. Amberle runs out of the Bloodfire fountain hugging by Wil and Eretria. The countless armies of the Demons swarm the plains led by the Dagda Mor. Arborlon, Alannon knows that Amberle has reached the Bloodfire, but says the Dagda Mor also knows about her. Eretria leads the others with torches. They hear roaring and run. King Ander is planning the defense of the Ellcrys until Amberle returns with the seed. The trio have reached a gate and Amberle turns a wheel opening the gate, but it won’t close. Eretria runs in and cuts down a Troll slamming down the gate. Amberle and Will are shocked at her sacrifice and she kisses him. She cuts down another Troll and attacks another. The two Elves leave her. They hear horses, more Trolls, heading for the tunnels. Amberle and Wil take the horses.


Catania has food for the prisoner Bandon. He apologizes for hurting her. He takes her prisoner and asks for the keys form the guard. This is an abusive relationship. Bandon strangles the guard with his chains and bashes his body. Hey Elf girl, there’s a guy named Anakin Skywalker… Bandon says to her, “He shouldn’t have touched you.” Wil and Amerle ride as the Demons march. They ride on a beach at sunset. Arborlon, Commander Tilton reports to King Ander. He kisses her. Amberle and Wil see the Demons in the forest. Wil says they have to find a safe place. She leads him to a cave. He tells her, “We’re almost home.” Amberle admits her love to Will. He kisses her. This fantasy definitely has more kisses than Lord of the Rings. They get some naked time in the cave. Afterwards, Wil is ready to head out, senses something wrong with Amberle. Night, the Dagda Mor looks over his army. They look like Orcs more than Demons. He wants to take Arborlon for exiling them. Alannon tells the troops to hold the Demons until Amberle and Wil can bring back the seed. King Ander gives a speech to the soldiers to fight so the Ellcrys can rise. A ravine separates the two armies, the Dagda Mor leaps into the Elf soldiers, King Ander calls for a charge. Wil and Amberle take cover as Demons walk through the forest. A Demon pauses smelling them. Amberle is knocked down by it and Will vaporizes it with the Elfstone. He holds out the Elfstone as the other Demons are felled by Gnomes with Alannon. The Druid asks Amberle, “Are you ready to see this through princess?”


The battle continues with the Elf and Demon armies. They have reached the Ellcrys chamber. Fire explodes, blood splashed, King Ander and Commander Tilton are cutting down Demons. He sees a jagged blade and takes on a vicious Demon knocking off his helmet, it’s a possessed Arion. He kills Commander Tilton! King Ander kills his brother and the Demon possession fades. Arion begs his brother to finish him. The Gnomes race with Wil, Amberle, and Alannon. They fight with Will blasting with the Elfstone. He is confronted by the Dagda Mor, but Alannon holds him off with his staff. They clash, it’s a battle. Will and Amberle break into the sanctuary. The Dagda Mor strikes Alannon down with a red pulse. It’s a Middle Earth battle! Amberle tells Wil that she’s the seed and has to become the Ellcrys. They kiss when the door shatters and Alannon falls. The Dagda Mor throws Alannon away. Will tries to use the Elfstones, but it is struck by the Dagda Mor’s staff, this is a battle of Harry vs. Voldemort.


Amberle walks to the Ellcrys chamber. “I am Groot!” Alannon activates the Sword of Shannara and severs the Dagda Mor’s head. Amberle becomes the tree and it begins to glow. The Dagda Mor’s head turns to ash and the other Demons explode into ash. The golden leaves of the Ellcrys glow again. Morning, Wil tries to talk to the Ellcrys when Alannon enters. Wil feels Alannon betrayed them. Catania takes Alannon to Bandon’s cell. Alannon goes to see King Ander and Ander tells him that Arion’s body is missing as is the warlock’s sword. In a wasteland, in a ragged cloak is the Demon eyed Bandon, he’s turned to the Dark Side. Alannon is seeing off Wil in his cap like the premiere. Alannon tells him, “I sense that our journey has just begun.” Wil rides off to Safehold and reaches the misty hills. In the tunnels, Eretria is prisoner to the Trolls. One removes his mask and Eretria says, “It’s you!” I’m thinking it’s Cephelo. The series compresses much of the book to reach the finale, but the end result is the same except Wil rides away with Eretria.  Four Elfstones out of Five!