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Shannara Chronicles, “Fury”, Review!

Jondee here at Silver River,


The demonic Fury leaps onto the beach, Alannon revives and runs toward them, leaps with his sword and cuts off its arm and head (nice!), before being knocked down. Amberle runs for his aunt, but Alannon tells her she’s dead. They ride horses across the beach. Will is confused and can’t answer Amberle’s question. He tells her that all of the Chosen were killed. She runs off. Alannon has a bloody gash on his side. Amberle is sitting alone crying, Wil tells her about the loss of his mother, Amberle tells him, “You’re braver than you look.” She’s afraid to return blaming herself. Alannon collapses and shows Wil the Druid cave. He faints. Will wants to go to the Silver River to help heal Alannon. Another leaf of the Ellcrys falls. King Eventine consoles his son, Ander (Aaron Jakubenko). He tells the prince that there are reports of demon attacks. The prince feels like his brother died from a Gnome attack instead of him. Amberle wonders why Alannon chose Will to protect her, she also tells him that his ears turn red when he lies (this goes through the episode!), he explains he’s a part of the Shannara bloodline. They rush to the Silver River and Wil undresses, he tells her, “Hey, what happened to eyes up here?”, lol. Part of the Shannara books is the King of the Silver River, but no King here. He collects mud in the river, Wil calls Amberle’s name and finds Eretria holding a knife to Amberle’s neck. She has them collared by another Rover.


In the forest, Wil and Amberle have collars walking behind the Rovers. He wants the Elfstones and the Rover has him dragged behind the horse. Amberle says she wants a rematch and gets struck in the head by Eretria. The Rovers in trees and at their camp. The kids touch Wil’s Elf ears. The leader, Cephelo (James Remar) and Eretria’s father, has Wil untied. He wants Wil to join them and let’s him stay for the feast. Another Fury flies to the beach to find the decapitated head of the Fury. Eretria tells her father that she doesn’t want to kill Amberle. The clouds wisp past the moon. Alannon breathes in fiery ashes from the stone that heals his wound. Amberle revives and Eretria cuts her bounds free. The Rover tells the Elf princess to punch her and escape. Amberle catches Eretria and puts her knife to her throat. Cephelo asks Wil to join again at the feast table. He sees his daughter captive and laughs. Wil has them stop fighting and Cephelo gives him the Elfstones. The Rover leader wants to know how they work. They are interrupted by a Fury’s scram. The Rovers begin to run and the Elfstones glow in Wil’s hand. He holds them in his fist and holds off the Fury. His arm begins to glow and he blasts the Fury before collapsing! Love it! The two women bring in Wil to a tent, Cephelo finds them. He catches Amberle’s knife and grabs her throat. Cephelo is knocked down, it’s Alannon!


Alannon heals Wil in the forest and tells Amberle, “This is only the beginning. More will come.” Wil wakes up and Alannon has them ride on. He sees a slaughter of farm animals. They pass an abandoned truck and find bloody bodies of two farmers. Wil vomits in the barn and Amberle checks on him. They hear something, pushing at a locked door, Amberle breaks the lock. A boy in a mask jumps at them. The boy is freed and washes himself off. Amberle gets him bread which he tears into, he says his name is Bandon (Marcus Vanco). He says his parents locked him when he heard the demon. Alannon tells them that he can’t read the boy, he could be hiding something magical. Cephelo gets his daughter in a chokehold and finds the bracelet from Amberle on Eretria’s wrist. Arborlon, Amberle’s return with the boy who sees a vision of a dead, bloody Amberle. Alannon talks to the leader of the Elf guard, Commander Tilton (Emilia Burns). Ander goes to see Amberle. Alannon tells the confused Wil that she needs the permission of the Elven Council to go to the Ellcrys. She thanks Will and with the quest finished, he wants to go to Storlock. Alannon gives him the Elfstones.


Wil walks away and he’s stopped by Banon who gives a warning about Safehold. Alannon goes with Amberle and Commander Tilton to the Elf Council before King Eventine. He tells them about the dying of the Ellcrys. Amberle tells them about the reality of the demons. Prince Arion (Daniel MacPherson) does not believe in the Druids or his niece. Wil is there to speak and Alannon reveals that he is “the last son of Shannara.” He defends Amberle. “Don’t even say it”, Will tells Alannon who hands him the pouch of Elfstones. The Elf Council agrees for Amberle’s return to the Ellcrys. King Eventine tells her she will be tested entering the tree to get the seed of the Ellcrys. There is a door at the base of the tree that opens at her touch. It is incredibly bright and Amberle enters. This series is ramping up, the plot makes me think the book’s structure is intact, really liking the leads. The special effects are superior than the CG in similar shows like Hercules and Xena also shot in New Zealand. The heroes are flawed and have to constantly struggle. Not much about the Dagda Mor or other demons. Four Elfstones out of Five!