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Shannara Chronicles, “Reaper”, Review!

Jondee here at the Breakline,


Arborlon at night, 10 years ago, two Elves, Lorin and Amberle as young kids run, and she touches the Ellcrys. They are disturbed by an Elf. A night of passion, it’s Ander and Commander Tilton. They dress, the door opens and a figure watches him. Others gather and activate the door panel. A guard is killed by the Gnome which takes off its goggles. It’s gnarled, but slightly resembles the gnomes from Gnomeo and Juliet.  Amberle is called by her father, Aine (Roy Snow), who is angry that she was in the Sanctuary. He likes that she was so fast. Her father was Chosen. Amberle sees the dead guard and told to go to her room. The king is feeding his dog, a guard is killed by a throwing star. The Gnome leader, Slanter (Jared Turner), enters with two Gnome guards. Aine enters with a sword offering to spare the Gnome. A fight with throwing stars and swords. Aine is stabbed from behind and killed by the Gnome. Ander tearful runs away. Day in the forest, the group is on horseback. Eretria is dragged with her chains. Wil checks on Eretria and then tells Amberle that she should be freed. Crispin Edensong (James Trevena-Brown), the captain of the Home Guard, feels he can take the Demons. Dagda Mor is angry at the Changeling for the escape. She wants to turn the royal family against Alannon and gets licked by Dagda Mor, yeesh! They reach a watering hole. Crispin says that Eretria’s chains must stay on. There is a fountain that Amberle fills up her canteen. Birds fly away and Eretria hears something. Rovers appear from the ground and take everyone prisoner led by Cephelo.


Smoke, riders come up to a burning village with heads and mutilated villagers. King Eventine is shown the head of a villager. The Demons are gathering, but Eventine wants the Ellcrys to be protected. Bandon is putting on leather armor and helped by Catania. She thanks him for saving her from the Changeling. Alannon walks up to Bandon and doesn’t want him to fight. Alannon needs Bandon’s help to communicate with Amberle through the Ellcrys. Alannon offers his hand and Bandon sees Alannon wakening from death. Alannon holds out his hand again. The forest, Cephelo thanks his daughter for the Elfstones which he takes from Wil. Cephelo says it’s Marsh Wolf country and cuts Crispin’s leg leaving them behind. Arborlon, Commander Tilton brings Arion and Ander, the two princes, together. Ander wants the Gnome Slanter to be his guide. Amberle is tied to a tree and calls to Eretria. Cephelo gives Eretria the Elfstones and she rides away. Cephelo touches Amberle, creepy. Wil tends to Crispin’s wound and hears the wolf howl as the mist creeps in. The Rovers drink as Cephelo struggles with Amberle and she screams. Cephelo is knocked out by Eretria and Amberle is freed by her. His daughter ties him up, gets the Elfstones, and takes him hostage. The Rovers have all collapsed from Eretria’s knock out powder. The Elf guards take torches to form a circle around Crispin as Wil burns the wound. The Mist Wolves lurk and an Elf Guard is dragged into the darkness.


Eretria walks out. Morning, Wil is washing in a stream. Eretria throws him the Elfstones. They run over with Crispin hitting Cephelo repeatedly. Amberle holds a sword to Crispin. Eretria notices that there is no bird sounds. Crispin has a scout go on ahead. The ground is blasted with scattered barrels, the horse bucks it’s rider and the toxic waste turns the scout into a helpless mutant. A door opens, it’s Ander and he hears a growling sound. It’s the Gnome in chains. He offers the key to release the Gnome. The Gnome is told that it is Dagda Mor. At the Ellcrys, Bandon is there with Alannon. He reaches out to the tree and sees Dagda Mor and the bloody corpse of Amberle. Then, Dagda Mor who reaches out to him, throwing him in a prison. Bandon’s eyes goes dark and Alannon pulls him away. The Elves argue, but Amberle points out the fort. She also notices that there is no guards. Crispin sounds a horn and heads are catapulted to them! The door opens and it is a massive Demon going all Heavy Metal with horned helmet, fear the Reaper!, and Cephelo wants Amberle to run. Wil faces the Demon with the Elfstones, but nothing happens. Cephelo’s next plan is to run! The forest, the Reaper is cutting down the Elf guards, Cepehlo gets the Elfstones and cuts Wil. It turns to go after Wil. Cephelo and Wil rush up rocks and then through the toxic waste covered with masks. Cephelo throws a match that burns the Reaper. The door opens and the Gnome emerges with Prince Ander. Commander Tilton is there with Arion and goes with them. Arion goes to take care of King Eventine and he kisses her. Arborlon, night, Eventine is up, looking for his dog, Arion goes to talk with him. Eventine feels the world let him down and the prince stabs him and transforms, it’s the Changeling! He takes the throne and smiles saying, “Long live the king.”  Three Elfstones out of Five!