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Shannara Chronicles, “Utopia”, Review!

Jondee here at Utopia,


Ander is now king! Eretria was lost to the Elfhunters last episode. They are taking the wounded Eretria in a wagon. The group has reached a town, Eretria says that it is in Troll country, it looks like a town out of the Old West. Zora, the leader of the Elfhunters, shows a map of San Francisco to Tye (Josh McKenzie), the leader of Utopia. He wants to buy Eretria. She is placed on a hospital bed and Tye reassures her placing an oxygen mask on her, “You’re in Utopia now.” Running through the forest, Wil and Amberele are looking for Eretria. He warns her before she trips a Troll trap and Will sets it off. He wants Amberle to rest before they continue the search. Arborlon, Bandon is looking at the Ellcrys when Alannon watches after him. Alannon tells him about his training and that the Dagda Mor wants Bandon’s soul. He also says that he can be the next Druid. The hospital bed, Eretria revives, she has an IV in her wrist, and pulls it out. A man in a wheelchair turns, part of his face is burnt (Simon Ward). Eretria makes her way into room with a knife. Tye is there eating a cake and Eretria holds her knife to his neck. He says he will send out a search party out for her friends. The griffon statue, Amberle says that they are Sentinels, made after the War of Races. Wil says, “I think we all deserve saving.” He says his feelings for Amberle keeps him going and gets another kiss. She pulls off his shirt and he undoes her armor. I don’t remember if the book was this sexy, but it works for this show.


The search for Eretria is interrupted. They check out a groaning down the path, it’s Cephelo, Mr. Bad Penny, trapped in a Troll cage. Amberle asks him about the Elfhunters. Wil wants to leave him. Cephelo baits him about Amberle and Wil holds a knife to his throat. The Rover promises to lead them to Eretria. Utopia, Tye shows Eretria around the happy people and he explains that they are a human colony. He leads her away and explains that they have a truce. Tye shows her a gun and fires it, then let’s Eretria shoot. Amberle frees Cephelo cutting away the lock from the cage. He tells her stories about man landing on the moon. Tye tells Eretria that he lost men going where the map leads and the only one back was the man in the wheelchair, Hebel. Ander is drinking when Alannon greets him. He wants to abdicate, but Alannon says the woman, Kael, who would replace him was a coward. Night, Cephelo leads Wil and Amberle to the outskirts of Utopia. He warns them about Utopia and leaves, check for your Elfstones! It’s a celebration. Eretria pulls the switch which lights up the lanterns. Tye is confronted by a woman (Shara Connolly) and he wants “someone else.” Eretria is in a white dress and she is entranced by the leader. He brings out a film projector that shows Star Trek: The Motion Picture (c’mon! no Wrath of Khan or Abrams’ Star Trek?), shades of Mad Max, instead of Captain Walker, it’s Captain Kirk. Then, he has a record played and everyone breaks into a dance, okay, things are turning Children of the Corn. Amberle and Will enter and see the dancers. A woman sees them  and has the change into party clothing. Will knows that Cephelo stole the Elfstones, maybe it is the D10s that Amberle picked up at the gym. Cephelo sees the fallen Zora and he is grabbed!


The creepy dance, Wil and Amberle have their Western gear and look for Eretria while she dances. She knows that Tye is lying about sending out his scouts. She is stunned at his “What do you want?” question. They dance. Wil sees this and Amberle overhears a woman she bumped into the woman, Frances, wanting to kill Eretria. Wil tells Eretria that they should get to Safehold. Eretria is jealous of Amberle. Wil is stunned about the map to Safehold. A dancer takes off Amberle’s hat, she’s revealed as an Elf, and Tye faces them. Ander has the Elves assembled at Arborlon including Commander Tilton, he is about to abdicate, but instead vows to defend the Four Lands from the Demons. He is crowned and they hail the king. Eretria goes for the map and slips it into her boot. She hears her name from Hebel, the man in the wheelchair. He warns her about Tye and she runs into him. They kiss and she takes his gun. He is offering Wil and Amberle to the Trolls, but she knocks him out. Frances has Will tied to a post, the same is done to Amberle, and Cephelo. The Rover leader wants to exchange the Elfstones, but they are D10s, more precious than magic! The Utopians walk away. The Trolls walk out of the mist as Wil struggles to reach the Elfstones. The Troll is shot by Eretria and Wil hugs her. Tye sees that they are freed and a gunfight breaks out. Eretria hits one of the Utopians and Wil takes up his crossbow pistol. Cephelo apologizes to Eretria and she gives him the gun. He blasts the Utopians, but runs out of bullets and is shot by Tye. A Troll stands over the dead Cephelo and they start to swarm the Utopians, dinner! Out of the forest, they head for Safehold with ruins of the Golden Gate Bridge seen! Four Elfstones out of Five!