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Star Wars: Aliens Volume 1 Review!

Jondee here at Takodana,


The Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away Volume 1 – Aliens was released digitally (four of the six as ebooks in December of last year), but appeared in small, hardback form recently. It reminds me of an Expanded Universe anthology, Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, that explored the cantina patrons. My favorite from there was Muftak and Kabe by A.C. Crispin. The book was written by Landry Q. Walker with illustrations by ILM artist, Tyler Scarlet. It begins with Constable Zuvio, the alien that was deleted from the Jakku scenes, he is pursuing the droid, CZ-IG5. He has his two cousins, Drego and Streehn, but it is constable who keeps order on Jakku. SeeZee is a secretary droid who works for Zuvio, but has suddenly turned rogue, there is a robbery, and droids turn against the constable. An interesting tale which gives of more a picture of a character we never got to see in Force Awakens. The second focuses on Maz Kanata’s cook, Strono Tuggs, who I think is glimpsed passing by in the film. The best part of this story is the food like grilled dianoga which I hope to see at Star Wars Land. The sous chef, Robbs Ely, is found dead by Strono aka Cookie, and he has to go through a Hell’s Kitchen episode Star Wars-style. The mystery is kinda predictable and also I thought Maz knew everything that was going on in her castle.


The story of Bobbajo is my favorite of the anthology. He is the wizened alien with the large pack of creatures who walked onto the Comic Con stage. His story goes all the way back to when he was captured and held in the Death Star. Why he is imprisoned when there was high value prisoners like Princess Leia is never answered. Still, a tale or real, the Storyteller is calming a village invaded by Zygerrians. Bobbajo has a few creatures like the Smeep and Qyp that help him to escape and sabotage the Death Star! This captures the attention of the villagers while his creatures take on the Zygerrians outside. Another Maz Kanata castle tale with the Frigosians, the aliens that are furry balloons with goggles, it was a little confusing since they are not the main characters. The associates of Unkar Plutt try to scam him with an artificial intelligence hologram of a female member of his species. Lastly, is the story of Sidon Ithano, the Crimson Corsair, this reminds me of the early Marvel comic book breaking into wild territory. His mask is of the same species as General Grievous! He has a band of pirates who have picked up a signal from Count Dooku’s cruiser from the Clone Wars! This is at another desert planet, Ponemah, which has groups desperate to reach the treasure of Count Dooku. I would like to see a further volume on the musicians, the story of Woolivan (the character played by Warwick Davis), and Crusher Roodown, the burly alien on Jakku with cybernetic arms. Three Lightsabers out of Five!