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Star Wars: Celebration Europe – Mark Hamill!

Jedi Jondee here at the Excel Center (via the live stream),


The Star Wars Show is streaming Star Wars: Celebration Europe 2016 live on Star wars.com. Host Andi Gutierrez did the requisite London opening next to Big Ben running down the events for the Celebration. On the show floor, Andi and co-host, Peter Townley, came out of the Millennium Falcon corridor that was also at the Celebration in Anaheim. There was a video showing the construction of the show floor, the new TIE fighter and the Imperial Walker that was on the opposite of the con in Anaheim. The show floor is rather subdued a few EA banners, a large PlayStation display, and that’s about it. They started out interviewing the Belgian Prop Builders, a group that built the Falcon and other photo op settings. A review of Celebration moments from all of the previous cons. The show floor is not constantly packed like in Anaheim and not that many cosplayers. Next, Andi was on the show floor interviewing a few of the cosplayers. Peter was at the Rey speeder set, to the right of the walker, to talk to two of the Star Warriors.


The next event was the interview with Mark Hamill. There were some questions of the Star Warriors by the warm up, Mark, about Episode Eight rumors. The room was absolutely packed and Hamill walks out stunned (and bearded). I takes out a packet of Star Wars graham crackers. He went over his family and included his sister, Carrie Fisher. He talked about going to Madam Toussaud’s to take pictures with their wax figures and he found that Fisher went out to take the pics. He joked about Harrison Ford being the youngest Beatle. A fan talked about a cancelled trip to Skellig Michael. Hamill mentioned that the weather worked for the shoot. He gave signed pics to the people who posed questions. Next, he talked about going to the Captain America premiere and then visiting the Rogue One set. Hamill next talked about his collection which he compared to Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the endless march of the brooms. He mentioned his show Pop Culture Quest. The next question was about the secrecy of the set and Hamill noted the call sheets had numbers and not actor names. He joked about his kids saying he used “dad humor.” The question about Episode Seven was Hamill’s reaction, he said he worked out to get ready, and also remarked that he wasn’t ready about his non-speaking part and the direction was, “Ok, you turn and remove your hood” to which he lay down on the stage.


His favorite moment was swinging with the princess that they did in one take. Hamill mentioned being flown around the set on the harness. He next mentioned the people who worked on the film. The question was posed about Mark Hamill in school, which was in the base at Yokohama, Japan. He called himself the “sidekick.” He called the animated Killing Joke, “a book on tape.” Then, he talked about the JLAction cartoon. The question about getting typecast as Luke Skywalker and Hamill said that he got the character acting through stage as Mozart and his voice work. He listed his favorite episodes, “Christmas with the Joker”, “The Laughing Fish”, and “The Man Who Killed Batman.” He mentions that he has drive to the valley to record the Joker. He gave a reading of The Killing Joke to great applause. Hamill talked about his favorite show growing up was the George Reeves Superman. He discussed making Comic Book the Movie and brought in his voice actor friends to film it. Comic Con didn’t want the film to be “snarky” towards fans. His favorite Star Wars character reading the script was Han Solo. Hamill talked about his scene with the dialogue for the screen test, “We can’t turn back. Fear is their greatest defense.” His reaction to his agent telling him he was playing Luke, “I get a floating car, I get a robot, I get two robots!” There were some re-shoots to change the character’s name of Luke Starkiller to Skywalker, Hamill joked, “It sounds like Luke Flyswatter.” He later added, “I loved everything in Seven.” He also hoped that the lightsaber flying in the forest would be a great way for Luke to appear. He mentions the gravestone in the last scene and said, “I dunno, it looked like a rock to me.” He talked about Carrie Fisher, “I don’t see her for years, just like a real sister.” This was from a young fan dressed up as Princess Leia. He closed saying, “I can’t wait for Rogue One.”