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Star Wars: Rebels, “Legends of the Lasat“ Review!

Jondee here on Lasan,


The Ghost descends on the planet Nixus and then to the landing bay. Ezra is in charge and they are on a mission to help refugees. The Rebels see stormtroopers guarding the refugees, who it turns out to be Lasat, Zeb’s people! An elderly woman, Chava the Wise, and a burly Gron. Zeb goes fierce on two stormtroopers, Kanan and Hera blast others, and Ezra shocks the Imperial officer with his blaster/lightsaber. Hondo walks in, Ezra’s contact, he sold the Lasats to supposedly be rescued by the Rebels. The two Lasats are happy to see Captain Orrelios of the Lasan High Honor Guard! Ezra walks off leaving Hondo behind to deal with stormtroopers answering the distress signal. The elder is looking for Lirasan through Ashla, the spirit of the galaxy. Let’s take a step back, Ashla was Lucas’ term for the light side of the Force, Bogan was the Dark Side. They were both later placed as moons in the Tython system in the Dawn of the Jedi comic book series. So this is the first time that Ashla as entered the canon. Hondo points out the Rebels. The stormtrooper gets a holo of Agent Kallus. Hondo contacts Ezra with a warning. They have to blast out their way. Gron does not want to fight and they are being cornered on both sides. Hondo sneaks up and closes the blast doors except the stormtroopers to the front. The stormtroopers capture Hondo while the Rebels escape to the Ghost. Zeb takes out the stormtroopers with the Ghost’s cannons and they make their escape.


An Imperial cruiser shows up, but the Ghost jumps to hyperspace. Agent Kallus sees Hondo brought in as a prisoner on hologram. Chava gets ready for a ritual to find Lirasan. She shows them pictures that Chava says the Child must save the Warrior for them to find the planet. The Fool, Hondo, has set the path. Ezra joins in, but Zeb walks off. Zeb tells Ezra that he failed as an honor guard to save the royal family. He was knocked out by a bomb and found by Kanan. Chopper projects a galaxy map (shades of BB-8). The elder holds a staff to Chopper’s projection. She says Zeb is the Child, since he’s a child of Lasan. Zeb switches his rifle into a staff and flashes with the other staff showing Wild Space, New Lasan! The Ghost travels to New Lasan when the way is blocked. They drop out of hyperspace to a swirl of star clusters. Chava the Wise says that it is the Maze. The Imperial cruiser drops in behind them. Hondo says that there is a tracker on the transmitter Ezra was carrying. Chopper destroys it. Zeb has his staff and shocks the ship’s controls. Kallus sends TIE fighters after them that are shredded to pieces. Kanan and Ezra combine their power to Zeb. Kallus fires on the Ghost, but the blaster bolts are deflected. The Ghost shifts into hyperspace, it gets 2001 surreal, until they finally exit hyperspace and into the orbit of New Lasan. Zeb returns in the Phantom and tells them that there are more Lasat on the planet. He says that he will lead other Lasat to the planet. The episode features all of the Rebels, but it really showcases Zeb, his back story, and future. Four lightsabers out of Five!