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Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 Panel!

Jedi Jondee here on the Ghost,


Warwick Davis host intro clip was shown. He went through the audience on a hover board to get to the stage. He showed some photos of Star Warriors sent in. Davis summed up Season 2. He welcomed Dave Filoni and actors of Star Wars: Rebels; Tiya Sircar (Sabine Wren) and Sam Witwer (Darth Maul). Davis went out and asked if Ahsoka survived. Filoni murmured and then said over a decade he discussed Ahsoka with Lucas. He added, “It is not the last you will see of Ahsoka Tano.” The video froze on Filoni talking. Kanan’s new look was shown, blinded by Maul, Filoni mentioned Zatoichi. Ezra is given slicked back hair. Filoni mentioned the complaints about Ezra’s Aladdin hair. The video unfroze showing Sircar. She loved Sabine’s new look, a long side cut with purplish hair. Her hair is exactly as Tiya Sircar wanted. She said “I get to interact with more Mandalorians.” Some of whom she may be related to and also get more of her past. Sircar noted, “She has some new gadgets” which surprised her that she may have revealed something. A clip is shown of Season 3. She faces a Mandalorian in red armor, hits him with a sonic blast, and rockets away with Ezra and Chopper. Ezra notes her “evil cousins” were coming. They blast them, but Ezra deflects it with his lightsaber. He jumps on one and hits the pack with his saber. The red armor leaders says, “Cut them off!” Sabine has a handful of thermal detonators which she uses to blow up a column.


Filoni says that Rogue One informed them on the design of the new characters, he said they tried to subdue the colors of the characters. Witwer talked about meeting Ray Park. He sounded like he was stalking Park. Sircar mentioned a Dave Filoni cosplayer. Witwer talked about “doing something a little different” every time Maul shows up in Clone Wars and Rebels. Filoni said, “He’s searching for a purpose.” Davis introduced another clip with Maul in Season 3. An A-Wing flies into a base, with Ezra as pilot, Maul is there. “Over here Master Jedi”, Maul says to the blind, bearded Kanan is there with a helmet covering his eyes. Maul threatens to kill Ezra’s friends and leads away Kanan. Maul pushes Kanan into a room and throws him out of the base into space! The Kanan cosplayer shook his head. Filoni mentioned that the base was going to be used in Clone Wars for Darth Maul. Davis then introduced the trailer for Season 3. Vader’s breathing is heard. Then, Kanan’s face and then he says, “Ezra, the secrets in the holocron almost destroyed you.” There’s the return of Hondo Ohnaka.  A pilot says, “You can call me Wedge”, the Rebels take on battle droids. Ezra remarks, “Flying stormtroopers?” Tarkin talks to Governor Price. Oh my!, lost my mind!!! Grand Admirial Thrawn is shown against the Rebels, he’s canon! Ezra is in front of crystal, when Kanan warns him, “Ezra turn away before it’s too late!” Unbelievable! The crowd went wild with the trailer. Davis noted the “new villain.” Filoni talked about Heir to the Empire. Kiri Hart and he noted they wanted Thrawn. “It was important to do it right.” Filoni cast Lars Mikkelsen as Thrawn and said, “Thrawn’s back.” Timothy Zahn, author of Heir to the Empire, had a video message talking about his book Thrawn (on sale April 2017). He thanked Dave Filoni and “I’m very pleased” about the direction of Thrawn. Filoni said, “You can’t do this without Tim.”


Sircar said, “That trailer blew my mind.” She was happy that Sabine got a jet pack. The image was shown with Sabine using the darksaber. Sircar mentioned the gadgets was the jetpack and the darksaber. Davis mentioned a new character voiced by the Doctor, Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor! His character is named Bendu, described by Filoni as “kinda the middle way of the Force.” Filoni mentioned his wife was charmed by Tom Baker, she really wasn’t amazed by Star Wars. Warwick Davis talked about being “a bad penny” showing up in Star Wars. Davis mentioned not doing a voice. Filoni said, “It’s going to happen.” He gave Davis the line with the direction, “very dark and evil with a slight smile”, Davis reading was dark, “Very soon, my apprentice, very soon.” Witwer did the Wicket line, “Yub yub, eecha wa wa.” The q&a noted Strikeforce Shantipole, Witwer added, “West End Games”, Filoni said, “There’s always elements.” A question was posed about Mara Jade. Filoni quickly said, “No, not likely.” He also said that ysalamiri, the anti-Force creatures, are not in the show. A question was asked about the identity of the voice in the holocron. Filoni answered, “I know who it is and I’m not going to tell you.” The Kanan cosplayer asked about the new mask, Filoni talked about working on the design with Kilian Plunkett, Filoni added the eye marks. He added, “He learned a bit to see things through Rex’s eyes.” A question about Maz Kanata and Filoni replied, “That’s a great idea.” Filoni said about the bounty hunter, Cad Bane, “He might be out there.” Filoni said in response to a fan question that in the trailer, that a ship was similar to the Outrider (from the Shadows of the Empire crossover story), he said, “No, Dash Rendar is not in there.” Two episodes were then shown of season 3 of Star Wars: Rebels.