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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown!

Geeks! It’s here and it looks amazing! The porgs look like something that we can get used to! Read our shot by shot breakdown of the 2:32 second trailer!

Opens with Kylo overlooking an industrial factory.

Imperial walkers marching towards a cliff with the VO:

“When I found you, I Saw war, untamed power,

and beyond that, something truly special.”-Unknown maybe Snoke

Kylo walks into a volcanic area followed by troopers.

Side shot of Kylo picking up his lightsaber.

Rey Ignites her Saber.

Rey:” Something inside of me is always been there. And now its awake. And I need help”

Rey hands Luke his lightsaber.

She is walking in the rain towards a stone structure.

Inside the dark cave with the old Jedi order emblem we saw in the last trailer.

Lots of Rey visuals training, including her using control to stop short of a rock that’s been cut out.

She breaks the ground with the force.

Luke give an “oh shit” face.

Shots of Rey lifting rocks and meditating.

Luke is walking into a cave with an emblem on the floor.

Luke:”I saw this raw strength once before, and it didn’t scare me enough then. It does now. “

We see more of the fire scene with Luke’s robot hand busting from under debris.

Then the shot of him falling to his knees next to R2D2 while a structure that could be a jedi temple is burning.

Rey looks to be abandoned by Luke.

Kylo shows more of his anger and punches a wall after staring at his helmet for a moment.

Kylo is flying a Tie-Fighter in a large battle, attacking a large cruiser that Leia appears to be on.

Kylo:“Let the past die, kill it if you have to, its the only way to become what you are meant to be”

There’s a moment back and forth between Kylo and Leia while Kylo struggles with pulling the trigger that looks will destroy the ship that Leia is on.

The falcon is being chased by tie fighters through a volcanic looking cave.

Chewbacca roars, the porg imitates. (too cure)

Poe: “It’ll be the spark that’ll light the fire that will bring the first order down.”

Poe looks out of a space window.

A close up of Poe in his X-wing helmet

Poe’s “Black One” flies through space using a boost or hyperdrive?

A HERO shot of Captain Phasma

Finn busts out his lightsaber baton

Phasma and Finn lock in combat.

more space combat and BB-8 shaking off some Ion interference.

Shot of Luke laying down in the rain looking defeated?

Luke: “This is not going to go the way you think.”

Icicle foxes! They are running towards a base whose doors are shutting.

Leia looking outside of the base, looks like Hoth or another Ice planet.

Rey falls into a pool of water

Rey emerges from underwater

She stands in front of Luke who is looking at her. (Two different scenes cut to look like the same)

Snoke: “Fulfill.”

Shot of Finn being marched in custody.

First order army lined up

Another shot of Walkers approaching Cliffs.

Snoke: “Your”

Tie Fighter explodes and crashes.

Snoke: “Destiny”

Shot of real Snoke (non-hologram) reaching out his hand.

Rey is suspended in mid air screaming with Snoke looking to be in the background.

Rey: “I need someone to show me my place in all this.”

Kylo Extends his hand

The Last Jedi in theaters December 17, Tickets on sale now!