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Star Wars: Voice of Maul Sam Witwer Phone Interview

Sam Witwer has voiced Star Wars characters in video games, television and now movies with the Voice of Maul in “Solo: A Star Wars Story!” Coming to Digital Sept 14th and Blu Ray on Sept 25th!
We talk about his favorite Star Wars Character and The Hero’s Journey of Mark Hamil’s Luke Skywalker. We go in-depth about Star Wars and how perfect the movies are…
Sam says, that if he was able to talk about it and going to be apart of a live-action Maul series, or any Maul series he couldn’t say but did say: “the future is always in motion…”. Sam talks about Ray Park and his need to be involved in anything to do with Darth Maul. Sam gives all the credit for Maul being the menacing character that he is because of Ray Park’s contribution. We talk about how all of the villains in Star Wars are an ensemble effort and how generational Star Wars has become!
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