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Supergirl, “Changing”, Review!

Jondee here at National University,


At an Arctic research station in Norway, a wolf is found from five thousand years ago, Doctor Rudy Jones (Wlliam Mapother) is examining it, and he’s suddenly captured. At the bar, Kara is not happy with women flirting with Mon-El, J’onn talks with M’gann. Mon-El tries to get Kara drunk, Alex is going to take care of her, and then she talks with Maggie who tells her about coming out to her family. At the DEO, Winn shows them the video of the research station. J’onn heads there with Alex in a jet, they seen the stricken scientist, whom they take back, all the others died. he says he’s worried about climate change and says he will be at National University. Then, he gets sick in a restroom, very The Thing (1982) a la John Carpenter! Mon-El spars with Supergirl until he is worn down. Alex interrupts the session and takes her sister for a walk to have the talk. Kara eventually gets it and has to sit down. Dr. Jones records his conversation about his transformation Jeff Goldblum The Fly (1986) style. His boss is about to fire him. Winn goes over the recording at the base showing Jones use his powers to drain the others. Supergirl faces Jones at the university, she hits him, but he drains her power. Alex shoots at him, driving Jones away. At the DEO, Supergirl is recovering, Winn explains that it is an alien parasite. James checks on her and Winn walks him out. James is angry and wants the suit. Winn tells him it’s not ready. Alex checks on Kara at her apartment and she’s worried that her sister might not be okay with her revelation. She gets the call about an alien attack at an alleyway.


Mon-El is beating up an alien to collect debts for a bookie. Supergirl is disappointed that Mon-El will be no hero. At the DEO, she hears about Rand O’Reilly (Jason Gray-Stanford) who is trying to fire Jones. Martian Manhunter and Supergirl stop Jones from killing O’Reilly, but then he begins their powers and transforms into a massive Walking Dead creature! The Parasite was an old foe of Superman, but the Rudy Jones version first appeared in Firestorm #58 (1987). He was played by Brendan Fletcher in an episode of Smallville. Alex shoots at the Parasite until it leaves. Supergirl and Martian Manhunter are recovering at the DEO, Winn gives James the suitcase with the outfit, James is ready. At the bar, Alex gets M’gann’s help, and then talks with the drinking Mon-El. Alex tells M’gann that J’onn needs green Martian blood, M’gann is reluctant, but agrees. O’Reilly gives a talk in his car when it is stopped by the Parasite. Mon-El is there and an explosive sets off on the Parasite. In walks The Guardian! The Guardian was co-created by Jack Kirby in Star-Spangled Comics #7 (1942). The original identity, James Harper, was played by Eddie McClintock last season. Winn communicates with the Guardian and their team up works.  It’s nice to see them working together on Team Supergirl now. Supergirl revives and goes to take on The Parasite. Mon-El saves a car and it’s passengers. Supergirl flies in to fight the Parasite with the Guardian. Supergirl has a device,which charges the Parasite with Plutonium-329, and it explodes. Mon-El sees her and the Guardian, who leaves on his motorcycle telling her he’s “a friend”, very Batman Begins. James and Winn keep his identity a secret, Winn says, “Long live the Super Friends.” J’onn is revived by M’gann’s transfusion and thanks her. At the bar, Alex meets with Maggie who is happy she told her sister, they kiss. Maggie wants to keep it at friend level. Alex leaves and Kara tries to see her sister. She tells Kara that Maggie doesn’t like her. Mon-El is on the streets, tries to check on someone, and is shocked to be taken into a van. The woman head of Cadmus welcomes him. It is an average episode, Alex’s development is great, but the rest is standard.  Three Bars of Kryptonite out of Five!