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Supergirl, “Falling”, Review!

Jondee here at The Talk,


The episode begins with The Talk introducing Cat Grant. Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood , Aisha Tyler, and Sara Gilbert playing themselves as hosts from the CBS morning chat show. Cat is flattered by Sharon Osbourne and talks about the city’s hero. Supergirl flies to stop a girl bullied in her Supergirl outfit. Cosplayers are redeemed! Kara goes to check on Winn and finds the door locked. She x-rays and sees something she shouldn’t, Siobhan comes out adjusting her clothes, and then Winn. He tries to apologize. Cat calls for “Keira” and Kara walks over to talk to Jimmy about Lucy quitting. At the DEO, Supergirl tells her what happened to Alex. They see Senator Miranda Crane, she was in “Strange Visitor from Another Planet”, five episodes back. She congratulates Hank and his team, there is some attraction there, which Supergirl has a wow expression. A fire, Supergirl flies there and lifts away heavy girders to save a victim, she shrugs, and then flies away from Red Kryptonite hidden in a box. It has strange powers over Kryptonians, but Smallville had a personality change. Catco, Kara appears in a new black outfit, and she’s on top of Cat’s schedule before Siobhan. Cat is scheduled to appear at Club Apokalips?


DEO, Hank briefs Alex on a K’hund attacking a gold shipment. K’hunds are a brutal alien race that opposed the Legion of Super-Heroes since they first appeared in Adventure Comics #346 (1966). Supergirl is bored. The truck with the gold is stopped and the guards are taken down. Alex calls in Supergirl. She flies in and plays around with the alien played by Gary Kasper, breaking his hand, she lets the K’hund escape. Alex reports to Hank at the DEO, he tells Supergirl not to let the aliens escape, she shows some attitude to Hank and wants him to take on the aliens. In frustration, Supergirl slams a wall, her face has the glow of the Red Kryptonite. The elevator opens and Kara walks out with sleek black dress and sunglasses. She says that the elevator while make it 90 seconds warmer. Siobhan shows Cat a video of Supergirl letting the K’hund go. Cat doesn’t want her Supergirl goes evil story and dismisses her. Alex brings in the K’hund to the DEO. He tells Hank that Supergirl let him go. Siobhan tries to send out the e-mail of the video when Kara walks up. Siobhan walks off and Kara checks her computer. Cat fires Siobhan for trying to scoop the story. It’s time for her to become the Silver Banshee.  Cat says that Perry White will not hire her at the Daily Planet. Winn asks if she is ok and she walks past him and Kara. Kara offers everyone drinks and dancing.


Winn is worried about Siobhan which he tells Jimmy. Kara walks in and grabs Jimmy to dance. She gets too forward and tough on him. Jimmy gets a call from Cat. She needs to talk to Supergirl. Kara is gone. At Cat’s apartment, Supergirl arrives and shows some attitude towards Cat. She has had enough of saving people and her face glows Red Kryptonite. Supergirl tells Cat that she is arrogant. She throws Cat screaming off the building! Supergirl drops her back at her apartment and doesn’t want to hear from her again. Jimmy and Winn go to the DEO to tell about their concerns to Hank. He has a thermodynamic scan and finds radiation. Synthetic Kryptonite. They bring in Maxwell Lord who created Kryptonite to take on Non. Hank figures out the satellite was a trap for Non, but got Supergirl instead. He has monitored Supergirl and says, “Cat has nine lives, she’s fine.” Catco, Cat tells Winn that Supergirl is a villain. Jimmy is also with him. She is worried about the public. Cat gives a televised address with Winn and Jimmy. She explains that Supergirl can’t be trusted. The girl throws away her Supergirl costume!  This is the part of the show that I didn’t buy, kids can drop their heroes, but geeks stay loyal.

"Falling" -- Kara (Melissa Benoist, pictured) turns on her friends and the citizens of National City after being exposed to Red Kryptonite makes her malicious and dangerous, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, March 14 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Dark apartment, Alex has her gun drawn looking for her sister. There is a silhouette of Kara who is dressed in black. She burns her clothes with her heat vision. Kara tells her sister that she was jealous. Supergirl looks at the city. She cuts her sister to the quick saying deep down she hates her, that’s why she killed her aunt. Supergirl flies off. At the DEO, Alex walks in to check on the antidote by Lord. She tells Hank that she changed. Senator Crane warns them about her. Hank calls up a team to take on Supergirl. At a bar, Kara starts flicking peanuts shattering glass. The massive screen showing Cat’s video blows up, the agents fire at her, she unleashes her heat vision. Alex is there wounded. Hank runs after her. Supergirl’s eyes flare, Hank transforms into Martian Manthunter and fights with Supergirl! A fight in the skies. Supergirl is slammed down. Alex hits her with a Red Kryptonite ray. Supergirl is knocked out. Martian Manhunter transforms back and is arrested! Supergirl is on a table at the DEO worried if she killed anyone. She has broken bones and cries at the experience. Supergirl tries to apologize to her sister. Alex admits there was “some truth” to what she said. In his cell, Senator Crane interrogates Hank and then leaves. Alex wants to know why he didn’t run away. She holds out her hand to him. Catco, Kara is back to her pink sweater. She apologizes to Jimmy and admits her jealousy about Lucy. Jimmy needs time. Night at Catco, Cat walks out to the balcony. Supergirl is there. She admits that her “brain was altered.” Cat still believes in Supergirl who just wants to sit there. This episode is saved by the end.  Four Red Kryptonite bars out of Five!