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Supergirl Finale, “Better Angels”, Review!

Jondee here at National City,


Myriad has taken over National City and everyone is under the control of Non and Indigo. Martian Manhunter has fallen while Alex is about to face her sister with Kryptonite armor. The battle, Supergirl tries to reason with her sister, Eliza appears, protected by J’onn J’onnzz. This breaks Myriad’s hold. At the tv station, Cat and Max Lord are readying the signal. Supergirl is ready for her speech, inspired by Cat, Winn types in Myriad control, but pauses. “I found out there is so much love in the world.” (which can’t be found in Beavis). Winn awakens and then James. Flashbacks from moments of the show. Myriad is broken and Non is furious. Indigo wants to kill all of the humans. National City, the next day is back to normal, Winn and James apologize to Kara. James wants to bring up “the thing” before Myriad, their kiss. Cat walks in, the DEO is being swept up, Lucy is there and hugs General Lane. Superman is still down. He orders Martian Manhunter under arrest. Hank is on a table restrained. Eliza asks what Alex was going to tell her. She says “Dad is still alive.” Lord enters and says that the Myriad Wave is amplified until everyone’s brains explode. He briefs the DEO, they have four hours, Lucy orders Lord to find the source. He tells Supergirl that it’s a suicide mission.


Catco, Kara talks with Winn and she thanks him for his friendship. Kara says Cat is her role model. She goes to James’ office, she says they missed their chance. Supergirl flies to the DEO to talk with Hank. “We’ll be together in Rao’s light”, she says before kissing him goodbye. Lord was detected a Kryptonian device, the omegahedron, powering the Myriad, it rest in Fort Rozz in Nevada. Hank stands with her. Lucy orders him free and Alex . Supergirl and Martian Manhunter arrive at Fort Rozz. They face Non and Indigo. Six minutes, Martian Manhunter takes on Indigo, everyone cries in pain. Supergirl fires her heat vision against Non. Martian Manhunter tears apart Indigo. Supergirl blasts Non and he falls. Indigo says that Fort Rozz can’t be stopped before shutting down. General Lane is with Lucy. Alex hears from her sister. Supergirl is going to fly Fort Rozz into space. She wants Alex to tell their father that she never stopped wearing the glasses. Alex promises and Supergirl lifts Fort Rozz! In space , she floats, her pod sent by Alex has brought her back to the DEO. General Lane conveys the thanks of the president and has reinstated J’onn Jo’nnzz as head of DEO. Catco, Kara is at her desk, she gets texts from her cousin. Cat has boxed Kara’s things for her new office, a promotion! “this is your end of working girl moment.” and ends calling her Kara finally! At Kara;’s apartment, family and friends, one place set for Jeremiah. James talks with her showing her a photo of Supergirl with her glasses. They kiss. The toast is to family when there is a rumble, Supergirl sees a fallen Kryptonian pod and she opens it! Five Kryptonite Bars out of Five!