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Supergirl, “Human For a Day”, Review!

Jondee here at National City,


The previous episode had Supergirl unleash her full power to defeat Red Tornado. Now, she is vulnerable. She is scanned at the DEO, she is given the advice from her mother’s hologram. It is two days and she is still human. Supergirl and Alex suspect that Hank killed their father. At Catco, Kara sneezes from a cold picked up from a kid on a bus. Cat is not happy at her sickness and sends her home. An alien captive, Jemm (Charles Halford who was Chas in the Constantine show), tries to break from his cell. Jemm first appeared in Jemm, Son of Saturn #1 (1984) similar to the Martian Manhunter. He threatens to reveal Hank who sends Alex to clean his cell. Jimmy is out with Kara who tells him, “Today, I’m less Girl of Steel and more Girl of Stucco.” An earthquake devastates National City and injures Kara’s arm. It frees Jemm and Hank yells for them to seal the base. Kara with a broken arm and Jimmy return to Catco. Alex calls Kara who tells her to call her if her powers come back. Cat sends the staff away and wants Winn to get them back up in less than four hours.


Alex listens to the Alura Zor-El hologram. Hank sends out a team with portable disruptors to stop Jemm. On the news, Maxwell Lord goes negative on Supergirl, Cat wants to run a counter response to Lord. The hunt at the DEO, Hank leads the team, in the dark, Hank is gone, and the rest of the team falls Aliens style. On the street, Kara is there with Jimmy facing Maxwell Lord. He is passing out water to survivors. Lord suspects that Supergirl has lost her powers. A woman cries for help. At the DEO, Alex draws her rifle, but it’s Hank and he orders Alex to stay at the base. Maxwell and Kara rush to see a collapsed man next to his car. Lord is a doctor and they need a Supergirl. Kara tries, but nothing happens. Jimmy tells her to stop. Alex tells another agent, Donavan (Luke Macfarlane), that she doesn’t trust Director Henshaw. At Catco, Cat is not happy at Winn is struggling to get the broadcast going, she decides to “inspire” him though she calls him “Wick.” Kara is sad she couldn’t save the man. What happened to the yellow sun recharger at the DEO? Kara sees thieves break into a store and she rushes off. Alex checks the inhibitors and finds they still work. Jemm starts taking them out except Donavan.


The thieves have a shopkeeper covered with a gun. Kara appears in her Supergirl costume. Cat goes over her speech and then goes off speech. Kara talks down the armed thief as Cat appeals to the people of National City. Her speech is really the heart of why Supergirl (and Superman) are relevant today.  Kara holds out her hand and the thief hands her his gun with Jimmy taking pictures. Alex is armed at the darkened hall of the DEO, Hank takes her into a room. Donavan contacts her and Hank knows it’s Jemm. Alex has Hank drop his gun and tells him about her father. She has him handcuff himself and goes to deal with Jemm. At Catco, Kara sees Jimmy’s photo of her heroism. He tells her about the camera his father gave to him before going to war and he never returned. Kara hugs Jimmy, then Winn enters who tells her that adrenalin could jump start her powers. He’s jealous of the hug. Another tremor, it’s an explosion, Winn makes a call that everyone downstairs is ok. At the control room, Jemm is shot by Alex. Her shot gun blast knocks off his gem. A fight ends with Hank knocking down Jemm. Jimmy goes to the elevator door and opens it to climb up. He opens the elevator car, but a tremor sends him swinging on the cable!


Winn screams for the rescued people to get help. Jimmy falls and Supergirl is able to save him.  She flies across National City and sees a school bus about to fall off a collapsed freeway and Supergirl rights it. Lord watches Supergirl fly to save the city. Alex calls her sister. Hank is by himself and reveals the truth that Hank Henshaw died in Peru. Henshaw caught the alien and Jeremiah Danvers died to save the alien. He recruited Alex to protect her and his eyes flare red before he shifts into J’onn Jon’zz the Martian Manhunter! He first appeared in Detective Comics #225 (1955) and is one of the founders of the Justice League! He previously appeared in the Smalllville show played by Phil Morris. Winn says to Kara he’s disappointed in her. Supergirl appears at Cat’s window to thank her. She tells her that Cat gave the people hope. She flies, but is knocked down by two Kryptonians. Her aunt Astra is there and she is held by the Kryptonians! Five Kryptonite bars out of five!