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Supergirl, “Manhunter”, Review!

Jondee here at the Peruvian Andes,


Supergirl had turned evil under Red Kryptonite last episode, now she has to deal with the fallout including Hank Henshaw revealed as Martian Manhunter in “Manhunter.” Supergirl hears the news reports in her apartment. Catco, Cat sees the report, she is also angry at Sandy Bullock stealing her bike at spin class. LoL.  She dismisses her staff and doesn’t realize Winn told her Kara is out sick. Jimmy picks up Cat’s phone. Siobhan is angry that she was fired by Cat last episode, she blames Kara. Winn wants her to focus. DEO, Alex hears the news reports, she goes to see Hank in his cell. He is eating Choco cookies not Oreos. Lucy Lane enters with Supergirl and Colonel James Harper (Eddie McClintock) who says that all communications will be monitored. Harper is the true identity of the Guardian, created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby (another hero with a shield) in Star-Spangled Comics #7 (1942). Hank interrogated by the colonel. Harper explains that he set up a stasis field to cancel Martian Manhunter’s powers. Supergirl can’t use her super hearing blocked by dampers. Flashback, ten years ago, where Hank Henshaw is hunting Martian Manhunter in the Peruvian Andes with DEO agents. He is checked by Agent Danvers (Dean Cain back again!). The team is closing on their quarry in the jungle, a snake goes after Danvers, but it is taken by Martian Manhunter.


DEO, the interrogation continues. Lucy disputes Hank’s account and suspects he killed Jeremiah Danvers.  The jungle, J’onn is wary of the campfire since his planet burned, and speaks with a distorted voice. Jeremiah shows J’onn a picture of Kara and Alex. J’onn is shot by Hank. He says, “I mean you no harm.” Danvers fights with Hank and is stabbed by him. Jeremiah says, “Take care of my girls.” Ah! the feels. Hank returns to the DEO and we get J’onn explaining what he did to the interrogators. The colonel is angry that J’onn murdered his best friend. Alex vouches for J’onn. Harper is going to question Alex next.  Night, Catco, Cat finishes up work and leaves, Siobhan enters and types a letter pretending to be Kara. Lucy and Harper interrogates Alex. Supergirl asks an agent to disable to dampers, but she refuses. Three years ago, flashback to a club, Alex is dancing, she is drunk and taken by the police. In jail, Hank sees Alex, he tells her that she didn’t keep up as a scientist. Hank tells her about her sister and offers her a chance. At the DEO, Hank begins Alex’s training. Alex says to Harper and Lucy that she served Hank “with honor.” Harper wants to know if Alex knew Hank was an alien. Lucy knows that she was lying and arrests Alex to take her and J’onn to Project Cadmus. This was also created by Jack Kirby in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #133 (1970).


Catco, Jimmy is told by Kara that Lucy has taken J’onn and Alex to Project Cadmus. He knows the project dissects aliens. At the apartment, Jimmy takes Lucy to see Kara reveal herself as Supergirl. Midvale High, twelve tears ago, Kara is overcome with her super hearing. She is invited to the beach, Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone” plays, she leaves Alex and runs off to help a family trapped in a crashed plane. Later, Jeremiah tells Kara that what she does is not safe. He tells her, “All you need to be is Kara Danvers.” He gives her glasses lined with lead. Kara is clumsy and bumps into Winn on her first day at Catco. She explains she’s interviewing to be the new assistant to Cat Grant. Cat doesn’t want a “millennial.” Kara explains she’s not special, she’s average. She lowers her glasses to use her x-ray vision to help Cat. At her apartment, Kara explains to Lucy that she has to save Hank and trusts her. Night, the truck taking J’onn to Cadmus. Harper wants to know how Hank reads minds. Motorcycles race up. The soldiers shoot at them. The truck stops and Alex and Hank break their handcuffs. Kara and Lucy take off their helmets. Hank tries to make Harper forget, but gets a vision of Jeremiah! Alex vows to get her father back. Alex wants Kara to go on her own to get her father back and takes off on a motorcycle. Catco, Cat calls in Siobhan to tell her about Kara’s letter, Siobhan smiles, and Winn is there. He says her fingerprints showed up on the computer. DEO, Harper has resigned and Lucy is made acting director. Rooftop, Siobhan is drinking and is angry at Winn. She tells Winn, “I just want to scream!” before she plunges off the roof screaming like a banshee before she hits pavement! Another incredible episode: Five Kryptonite bars out of five!