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Supergirl, “Medusa”, Review!

Jondee here at the Invasion!,


Kara prepares the Thanksgiving turkey with her heat vision, Winn and James want to tell Kara about the Guardian, and Alex wants to tell her secret. Mon-El arrives with a bag of stuffing he tore out of his bed. He talks to Eliza and she tells her daughter that he has a crush on her. James tells what he’s thankful for, stopped by Alex, then a portal opens. At the DEO, the group goes over the problems, Alex volunteers to check on Lena. Kara goes to interview Lena about her mother. Kara leaves and Lena calls her mother. At the bar, J’onn (really Hank) is there with Mon-El who is hit on by a female alien, Hank Henshaw fights with Mon-El as a gas is released killing the aliens. Mon-El is put in a cell, he explains he fought with Hank. Alex goes to get the help of her mother, an astro biologist, and Supergirl and J’onn are in quarantine. A conversation with Lillian and Lena who mentions she was adopted. Lena tells her about a reporter. Supergirl plays Monopoly with Mon-El across the cell. She asks him if he “likes her like her”, he doesn’t get it so she says directly if he wants to mate with her. I don’t know why she doesn’t speak to him in Kryptonian. Mon-El starts coughing. Eliza reports that the virus is from Krypton, it was from her blood, it also affects only those in the weaponized gas. Supergirl flies to the Fortress of Solitude. Kelex starts attacking her. She blasts Kelley with her heat vision and then finds Project Medusa. Supergirl sees her father, Zor-El (Robert Grant) in hologram form and asks about Project Medusa. Zor-El first appeared in Action Comics #252 (1959). He created it to kill aliens to protect Krypton.  So the Fortress of Solitude is compromised, a Luthor is involved, and possibly every alien on the planet is in danger and no Superman?  She flies back to the DEO, J’onn is not happy, Eliza says the virus may be fatal to Mon-El. Alex is working on analyzing the virus when Eliza asks about her secret. Her mother asks about Maggie and knows.


J’onn talks to Supergirl who reflects about her Kryptonian home. J’onn collapses, it’s the White Martian blood. Eliza and Alex sends agents to Lena’s building. Cyborg Superman fights with Supergirl. Lena watches and Supergirl protects her. A portal opens and Hank is driven off. Maggie is down. The others suspect Lena, but Supergirl defends her, so she heads off to talk to Lena. Supergirl reveals her mother is behind Cadmus. She tells Lena, “Be your own hero.” Maggie is at the DEO recovering with Alex caring for her. Alex thanks Maggie. Supergirl watches Mon-El weak in bed. She explains that Zor-El created the virus and he kisses her. There is no great chemistry to this romance, in the comics, Supergirl’s greatest romance is with Brainiac-5 from the Legion of Super-Heroes.  Luthor building, Lena asks her mother about the virus. Lena opens a suitcase with a metal isotope rod offering to join her mother. At the DEO, Winn has detected the virus is being moved to the water supply. J’onn wants to head there with Supergirl, he wants to die as himself. Lillian shows her daughter a rocket launcher, Supergirl tries to convince her, but the rocket is fired. Supergirl flies after it as J’onn fights with Cyborg Superman. He transforms into a White Martian. The rocket explodes, the virus falls, Supergirl knocks down Cyborg Superman. She says “You may be a cyborg, but you are not Superman!”, he deactivates.  J’onn hopes to die, but the virus doesn’t kill him.  Lena has switched out the isotope and called the police!  Cyborg Superman is gone.  An alien ship, has reached the Well of Stars, a cloaked alien states that she wants to find Mon-El.  He wakens, Elisa has found a cure for the aliens and J’onn!, Supergirl asks Mon-El about the kiss, but he doesn’t remember.  Alex at her apartment sees Maggie who has brought her pizza.  Maggie explains her near death has made her think life is too short so she kisses Alex.  Kara’s apartment, the portal discharges Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon!  Kara is excited, Barry introduces Cisco, he calls in her favor.  The resolution of the Medusa which was like the threat of the entire last season is wrapped up so we can have the Invasion!, but there are some good moments.  Three Bars of Kryptonite out of Five!