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Supergirl Pilot Review!

Jondee here at National City,


This is previously posted review revised for it’s transmission on the CW. Supergirl in the comics was the best title in the New52, they emphasized that she was an alien, the re-design of her outfit was strangely Kryptonian, and she had difficulty adjusting to this new world when she grew up on Krypton. Of course, she had a try-out in the Supergirl (1984) movie with Helen Slater who also appears in this new show as Eliza Danvers along with Dean Cain as Jeremiah Danvers, her Earthly parents, perfect casting! I’ve seen both actors at conventions and they are the nicest persons I’ve met at a con, plus Helen Slater put the super grip on me! The last appearance was Laura Vandervoort on Smallville circa 2011 who guided Clark Kent to become Super. This is the first time there has been a female super hero lead since Birds of Prey which ended in 2003 and of course Linda Carter in her satin tights as Wonder Woman which ran from 1975 to 1979 with two networks! So this a new addition to the Berlantiverse, Supergirl!  The pilot opens with narration by Kara (Melissa Benoist) introducing herself, 24 years ago, then to the destruction of Krypton. Benoit makes the perfect Supergirl. Her mother Alura (Laura Benanti) wishes her young daughter a safe journey and hugs her. The rocket escapes the destruction of Krypton. It’s shockwave sends Kara to the Phantom Zone. She appears on Earth as a 13 year old girl and sees Superman silhouette holding out his hand. Superman takes her to the scientists who helped him, the Danvers.


Kara is next seen as an assistant arranging for tickets to Wicked via phone. She walks into Catco and meets with friend, Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan), who believes in aliens. She hears Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) in the elevator. Kara worries about the employees of the Tribune that Cat wants to downsize. She walks into the office of new designer (Mehcad Brooks). He has the Pulitzer photo of Superman. Kara realizes he is Jimmy Olsen, he prefers James. He gives Kara his print of the photo. James reminds her about the layouts before she leaves. Kara goes to the apartment of her sister, Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) and wants her advice to get ready for her online date. Alex is headed to Geneva. Kara’s online date is with a loser. She sees news report of a crashing airplane headed to Geneva. Kara uses her telescopic vision to find Alex and leaps into flight. She holds the wing of the plane and Alex sees her. Kara goes underneath the plane to hold it up, there is some metal stresses from the action something out of Superman Returns (2006). She lifts it over a bridge and brings it down for a water landing. Kara excited watching the news report eating pizza, but Alex is worried. Kara says, “I almost forgot how to fly.” Catco offices, Cat is excited at the new hero. Kara tells Winn to meet her on the roof. She just wants a confidante and shows her super powers. At a diner, a man (Owain Yeoman) buries his fingers into the counter. He goes to his fuel tanker and inside it is his base. A bald man says he wanted the plane brought down. The man, Vartox, says that this is the daughter of Alura. The man is waiting for the arrival of the general. I absolutely love that they chose Vartox as the villain. He is famously on the cover of Superman #281 (1974) based on the likeness of Sean Connery, Zed, in the sci-fi film Zardoz (1974). Supergirl has to prove herself as a hero against the threat of Vartox, also to her sister, Hank Henshaw (David Harewood) in the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (the DEO), and to all of the citizens of National City.  Five Kryptonite Bars out of Five!