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Supergirl: Rebirth #1 Review!

Jondee here at The Scabbard,


Supergirl has gone through a mind-bending number of reboots (protoplasm from another dimension merging with a human and turning into an angel), retcons (Superman’s daughter altered by Brainiac), and reworking (back to Kryptonian landing on Earth except it was in Siberia) that any version is fine at this point. Now the Rebirth has launched a new Supergirl with a touch of the tv series now on the CW. The creative team includes Steve Orlando and artist, Emanuela Lupacchino. Orlando’s his earliest works was contributing a story to the Mystery in Space Vertigo anthology comic, some Image titles, and currently the Midnighter series. Lupacchino has worked on Supergirl in the New52 with the Red Daughter of Krypton storyline in #30-33. A great team of story and art. Supergirl Rebirth has the close-up cover by Lupacchino of Supergirl with her fist to camera and eyes lit by Heat Vision. It flashes back to Argo City before the destruction of Krypton. The Kryptonians are in multi-colored cloaks, but no family symbols on their chests. A bearded man, Lar-On pleads for his life to Zor-El (father of Kara) and the Science Council. He is infected with Red Kryptonite and sent to the Phantom Zone until there is a cure. This shifts to the current time at the DEO headquarters, the Scabbard, in a desert. A launch is being readied with Supergirl in the Phantom Drive capsule to flyby the sun to recharge her powers. This was ordered by the director of the D.E.O., Cameron Chase, nice twist from the tv show (played by Emma Caulfield), while her adopted mother, Agent Eliza Danvers is there.


An emergency with a spike in “Phantom radiation” as a Kryptonian is hurled to the base. This is Lar-On freed from the Phantom Zone and he transforms into a werewolf. Another twist, Red K, in the comics and tv show transform a Kryptonian to the opposite personality. The capsule heads into the sun with radio chatter of the D.E.O. being taken apart by Lar-On when we get an awesome two page splash of Supergirl at full power! Her uniform resembles the one on the show. The werewolf is blinded by a Red Solar Grenade thrown by Agent Eliza Danvers. She can understand the Kryptonian language, but can’t speak it (Agent Jeremiah Danvers is introduced later). Director Chase orders her agents to use Promethium rounds with their guns. The cyborg parts of the Titan/Justice Leaguer Cyborg are made of depleted Promethium. Lar-On realizes that the agents think he is a monster when he is swept away. He recognizes the El symbol of Zor-El and Supergirl says that was her father and the werewolf wants his revenge. We get a nice resolution to the battle, possibly Supergirl infected by Red K from flaming rocks, and her set up in the Kara Danvers secret identity in National City.  Five Kryptonite Bars out of Five!