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Supergirl, “Strange Visitor From Another Planet”, Review!

Jondee here on Mars,


Supergirl is flying in the sunset and in voice over, reads a letter. A forest fire, Supergirl hears screams, and lifts away the trailer with the family. Kara is talking with Alex about Winn. She gets Cat Grant’s order from the coffee shop. A man at the counter (Blake Jenner, Benoist’s real life husband) asks about Cat Grant. Alex sees the guy’s attempt at flirting and calls her sister “hopeless.” They see on the news, an “anti-alien” rally held by Senator Crane (Tawny Cypress) and Alex heads to the DEO. Kara appears and Winn takes the elevator away from her. At a meeting, Cat wants Lucy to serve a lawsuit and coverage of the rally. Jimmy offers to be the photographer and Cat wants him to get a quote. Cat sees a man in her office. It’s Adam Foster, her son, the man from the coffee shop. He came because of her letter. Kara overhears the conversation with her super hearing, that’s eavesdropping. He says, “Have your cheerleader e-mail me.” Cat calls in Kara who finished her letter to Adam. Cat fires Kara, but Kara still wants the reunion of mother and son. Cat reads the letter and likes Kara’s addition to the letter. Kara has to make a dinner reservation and Cat vows to make her life a “living hell.”


Claps with all of the racists at the Senator Crane’s rally, the DEO is there monitoring it, Jimmy is taking pictures. The rally is interrupted by people taken away. Jimmy activates his watch. Hank draws a bead on the alien and flashes back to Mars! Supergirl is there, but the alien has left. The cleanup with Hank and Alex, he’s worried, Senator Crane is angry. Alex hits her with a sedative. Hank tells Alex and Supergirl that the alien is a White Martian responsible for killing his people, the Green Martians. White Martians were introduced in Grant Morrison and Howard Porter’s JLA #1 (1997). Hank wants to confront the White Martian, but lets Supergirl take it. Catco, Kara goes over the itinerary for Cat. Kara tries to give her boss some advice about what she would tell her mother. Night, the dinner, Cat talks to her son about interviewing Bill Gates. A soft rock version of Hall & Oates’ “Maneater” plays. Her son says that his mother only wants to talk about herself and he leaves. Kara looks over Jimmy’s photographs. Jimmy gets a call from Lucy, but notices that Senator Crane’s eyes glow in the photos. Senator Crane’s eyes flash red in the DEO. She later asks for an update from Hank. Senator Crane suspects an alien within the DEO. Hank says she has “comic book delusions”, lol!

"Strange Visitor From Another Planet" -- Kara must help Hank face his painful past when a White Martian, a member of the alien race that wiped out his people, kidnaps Senator Miranda Crane (Tawny Cypress), an anti-alien politician, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, Jan. 25 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. © 2015 WBEI. All rights reserved.

Kara heads over with Alex cautioning her. Hank knows she’s a White Martian. He is knocked down as the White Martian goes on a rampage. She breathes fire. Hank flashes back to when his family was killed! Supergirl takes on the White Martian and flies after it when it crashes through the roof. Alex is trying to console Hank. He has vision of the White Martians swarming after the Green Martians. His people were placed in camps and the women and children were taken away to be burned. A powerful moment! J’onn J’onzz escaped, but still feels remorse. He says, “I have to stop it!” Night, Kara goes to check on Cat who is frustrated over her son. She feels let down by Kara who promises to fix the situation. Kara goes to see Adam and tells him that she’s scared. Cat is called a hero by Kara. Adam knows that Kara wrote the letter and she admits it. He agrees if Kara goes with them. Kara tries to mediate, explaining their feelings behind their walls, Cat confesses about her own failures with Adam. Her son takes her hand and says he misses her. Kara leaves. DEO, Alex wants to try to track the White Martian, Hank wants to hunt it down. He vows to kill it. Alex still wants to get back Senator Crane. Hank is on a rooftop and uses his Martian vision. Hank is in the sewers with Alex and other DEO agents hunting it. Hank wants the White Martian to come for him. Alex finds the senator. Hank warns her and there’s gunfire. Alex is captured by Crane, the White Martian, and she hears the voice of J’onn J’onnzz. Hank is at the DEO with Supergirl. She wants to face the Martian Manhunter in the desert.


Supergirl wants him to fight, not to kill, and says that her mother felt guilty about Krypton. The desert at night, the White Martian faces Martian Manhunter. They speak in Martian, he kneels and they fight. An explosion. He has Kryptonite to weaken Supergirl and goes after the White Martian. The White Martian is imprisoned at the DEO and vows that millions more will follow, Supergirl says, “Let them come.” Hank tells Supergirl the name of his daughters. I’m hoping that he finds another Green Martian, maybe one named M’ggann M’orzz (Miss Martian)! Catco, Kara passes Winn. Senator Crane changes her position on anti-aliens. She says it was Supergirl. Cat sees the conference and wants Kara to arrange an interview. Adam is there and asks about Kara. She enters and he thanks her and wants to ask her to Korean barbeque. Cat says, “She’s available.” Apartment, the sisters are having ice cream, Alex knows that Adam would ask her out and she’s nervous. On the news, they see a report of Supergirl! Five Kryptonite bars out of five!