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Supergirl, “Supergirl Lives”, Review!

Jondee here at Slaver’s Moon,

Supergirl -- "Supergirl Lives" -- Image SPG209b_0037.jpg -- Pictured: (L-R) Dichen Lachman as Roulette, Chris Wood as Mike/Mon-El and Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl -- Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The return of Supergirl kicks off with the episode directed by Kevin Smith. A car chase, a van with criminals on the lookout for Supergirl, fire a missile at her! She uses heat vision to blow up the van, then Guardian comes in to go all Arrow on them. Winn is there and he is saved by Guardian. Alex can see Supergirl is frustrated, she has a date, morning, Maggie has on Alex’s t-shirt, they kiss. Snapper is busy and Kara tries to pitch her story. James has the scoop. A woman talks with Snapper about her daughter, Kara says they will find her. At the bar, Kara tries to order a burger, and finds Mon-El there, working as the bartender. She meets with Maggie about the missing daughter, the missing cases are piling up with no connections. A test with a bright light and in walks Roulette. Kara wants Winn to do some research, she finds he is wearing sunglasses to hide his shiner from the fight. Winn has found the connection, blood work. Mon-El is there and wants to tag along, The doctor greets Kara and Mon-El, they mention the can’t give blood for religious reasons. He has them back to the portal and shifts to his alien, Maaldorian, form. Supergirl enters the portal and is weakened by the red sun! Mon-El knocks down the alien, but the portal closes. Mon-El is worried, but Supergirl wants to find the missing persons. She doesn’t care that she doesn’t have powers. James talks with Winn, he is frustrated over being beaten up, Alex is worried about her sister. Supergirl and Mon-El walk the Doctor Who quarry, he is caught in a trap. DEO agents scan the lab, J’onn (we finally see him!) recognizes it, Winn calls it a Stargate. An alien, Jo (Nikolai Witschl), is in a cave shown the picture of Izzy whom he says is in the Red Fortress. Mon-El knows this is Slaver’s Moon. They turn themselves in.


Red Fortress, Maaldorian guards take them to the other prisoners including Izzy (Harley Quinn Smith). Roulette walks in. J’onn knows that it is galactic slavers, but the air is toxic to Martians (so wear a breath mask). Alex shrugs off Maggie worried about her sister. Roulette explains she moved to slavers moon because of the loss of her club. A Dominator is there and has bought all of the prisoners. Alex gets ready to enter the portal, Winn is nervous about going, she wants him to keep the portal open. Supergirl reassure the prisoners. The aliens shock Supergirl. Mon-El leads the fight and they have the bad guys separated and return through the portal. An explosion as the DEO gets into the fight, Alex uses an alien blaster. The escape, the Dominator pauses to bow to Mon-El, Daxamites were part of the Invasion. Winn tries to open the portal and is attacked by a Maaldorian and fights back. The others run for the portal including Jo. Alex throws a grenade that charges Supergirl, the Maaldorian who has captured Izzy, leaves and they escape. Supergirl blasts the portal control. Mother and daughter are reunited. Kara slams her report on Snapper’s desk. Winn goes to talk to James and shows him the alien rock. Alex is at her apartment, Maggie has dropped in, and tries to explain. Maggie knows Supergirl is her sister. Mon-El stops by Kara’s apartment, he admits he was wrong, he wants to be a super hero. Two hooded aliens emerge from the portal, a hologram is shown to the doctor of Mon-El, and says that he is on Earth before he is shot. Average, kinda predictable episode. Two Bars of Kryptonite out of Five!