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Supergirl, “The Adventures of Supergirl”, Review!

Jondee here at DEO Headquarters,


Season Two for Supergirl starts with a recap, the Catco part is missing, instead the DEO is emphasized. It opens with the final moments of the finale with Supergirl and Martian Manhunater heading for the pod as it flies through National City. It crashes and Supergirl sees the pod, she is cautioned by Martian Manhunter, but opens it to see a sleeping man (Chris Wood). J’onn (back in Hank form) takes her to another DEO headquarters and Supergirl is surprised that she never knew about it. Alex is there to check on the new alien still asleep and she introduces Winn to J’onzz. Kara is contacted by Cat Grant. Great to see Calista Flockhart back! Cat asks Kara about her new position with the company. She gives her two days and yells for new assistant, Ms. Teschmacher (Andrea Brooks)! The show is not afraid to drop the references. Kara uses her super speed to find the right dress for her date. James has brought pot stickers. A space plane, the Venture, heads off into orbit, but one of its engines blows out for a fiery descent. A reporter (Tyler Hoechlin) talks to Mr. White ! He was from Teen Wolf and Road to Perdition). It is Clark Kent! Clark pulls open his short to reveal his Superman outfit. Supergirl flies to the rescue. The astronauts report the engine failure. Supergirl holds the wing and Superman uses his super breath putting out the fire before helping his cousin. The shuttle comes to crash landing. Supergirl is happy that they have teamed up and see  some teen bike riders. She tells them that she changed Superman’s diapers! Love it, love it! At the DEO, Supergirl walks in, but the agents are more impressed by Superman’s entrance. He greets the agents who are awe struck. Winn shakes his hand and asks about the earthquake set by Lex Luthor! Alex hugs Superman, he recognizes J’onn J’onzz, and Supergirl takes him to see the visitor. On advice from Superman, she x-rays the man, Winn has tracked down the visitor’s origin. J’onn tells them about the Venture ship. Superman is going to work at CatCo and knows Cat Grant.


At the elevator, Kara walks in with bumbling Clark Kent and he hugs James. Kara gets a call from Alex about Lena Luthor now at National City. A drone is activated and a man, John Corben (Frederick Schmidt), kills the scientist. Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath, who was in Jurassic World and Morgana in the BBC Merlin series) walks into her office followed by Kara and Clark. The sister of Lex Luthor first was seen in Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #23 (1961). She explains that she had nothing to with the Venture explosion and has started a new business, Elcor (from Mass Effect?). Kara talks to Clark over her relationship with James, he jokes that he has super telepathy, and tells her to trust herself. DEO, J’onn talks with Alex who mentions Operation Emerald. He explains when he first took over the DEO, he found a Kryptonite meteor which weakened Superman, but he kept it. Lena takes a helicopter and sees the two drones. They fire on the helicopter, but the gunfire is blocked by Superman and Supergirl. Superman blasts the drones around the city and uses his body to protect civilians from a drone. A man says, “We’re moving back to Gotham”! Night, Cat Grant doesn’t like Kara’s hesitation. She tells her to dive in. Lena has her press conference with Alex watching, James walks up, and then there are explosions. Supergirl protects James from the debris and holds up a falling Lex Corp building with Superman. Corbin in a police uniform is about to shoot Lena, but he is stopped by Alex. Supergirl uses construction pillars to shore up the building as Superman holds it up. Corben fights with Alex and has his gun on her. Supergirl arrives and Lena shoots Corben. Lena thanks Clark, he apologizes, she says Kara is a reporter. Catco, Kara goes to Cat and says she wants to be a reporter. Cat has written reporter on Kara’s resume and sees herself in Kara. Cat has to make a decision and calls in Ms. Teschamacher. Kara goes to talk to James, she wants to put him into the Friend Zone, he’s ok with it. Winn is welcomed by J’onn to the DEO, Superman and Supergirl are there. Superman wants to stick around and hear stories about Krypton. Alex tells them about an armored car robbery, they fly off. Corbin is in a medical bed, a woman tells him about changing him at Project Cadmus. He is made into Metallo!  He is the Kryptonite powered villain first appearing in Action Comics #252 (1959). Five Kryptonite Bars out of Five!