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Supergirl, “The Darkest Place”, Review!

Jondee here at the Fortress of Solitude,


Supergirl is thrown by J’onn, back a day, at the bar, the friends are there, news report of the Guardian fighting criminals. Flashes of Guardian fighting, while James and Winn defend the hero. Then, we get Maggie pulling Alex aside, and still wants her in the Friend Zone. Kara talks with her sister about Mon-El, he is captured by Cadmus. He gets a guard riled up and is about to escape when the woman head of Cadmus stops him. J’onn thanks M’gann and gives him a Martian drink. A robbery, he is stopped by Guardian, and he is gunned down. James arrives at Catco to hear that the Guardian killed the robber from Snapper who thinks he’s biased. Winn walks in worried about the controversy. James wants to stop a drug shipment. J’onn is practicing martial arts moves he learned in the 1800s. Supergirl is there talking about her story being consoled by her mother. Night, the drug shipment, they are gunned down and the gunman faces the Guardian. The police arrive catching Guardian, but he escapes Maggie. Supergirl hears the head of Cadmus who threatens to kill Mon-El, she enters Cadmus and faces J’onn, but it is really is Hank Henshaw! Hank bashes Supergirl. She burns his face with her heat vision, Hank calls himself Cyborg Superman. Winn tries to stop Alex from going after the Guardian, she threatens him, and says he’s James. Supergirl revives in a prison with Mon-El. He says the bars are made of nth metal. Alex tries to get Maggie to stop pursuing the Guardian. She’s not happy at Maggie putting her in the Friend Zone.


Alex checks with J’onn about her sister. He pulls his gun at the appearance of a man. Supergirl recognizes the woman running Cadmus from Lena Luthor’s office, her mother, Lillian Luthor! She tells Supergirl about Lex betrayed by Superman. She wants Supergirl to put on a helmet to drain her powers and shoots Mon-El in the leg, he is vulnerable to lead! Supergirl puts on the helmet and afterwards Luthor slaps her before she’s taken away. She is strapped to a table with Lillian watching her blood being drained! Winn talks to James, he has checked the criminals who escaped prison sentences. He has identified Philip Karnowsky (Victor Zinck, Jr.). J’onn has the tests run, Alex shows him his blood, he confronts M’gann, who says she is not like the other White Martians and she saved him at the camp and escaped. Supergirl is thrown into the cell, she wants Mon-El to give a message to Alex. He questions being a survivor of Daxam. She is freed by Jeremiah Danvers! He checks on Mon-El’s lead poisoning and pulls out the bullet, he sends them away! She hugs Jeremiah and leaves. Martian Manhunter gets into a fight with M’gann as a White Martian. He chokes M’gann. The Guardian reaches the victim tied up and fights with Karnowski and he is battered by his grenade. James defeats Phillip and Maggie with Alex let him go while police close in. Supergirl tells Alex about Jeremiajh. J’onn has M’gann in a cell. She tells him that her blood is turning him into a White Martian. James and Winn have brought pizza and pot stickers, the Guardian is cleared of charges. Mon-El and Kara share a couch. Mon-El asks if Kara is attached. At the door is Maggie who wants to be friends. Kara swears to find Jeremiah. At the Fortress of Solitude Cyborg Superman is identified as Kara Zor-El by the robot Kelex and he wants to know about Project Medusa. Four Kryponite Bars out of Five!