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Supergirl, “The Last Children of Krypton”, Review!

Jondee here at Metropolis,


A fire, Supergirl goes to take care of the fire while Superman spins around it, an alarm, they fly off as a sport car is stopped by Supergirl and the rear stopped by Superman. The gunmen fire on them and one tries to actually hit Superman and shatters all of his fist bones. J’onn calls them in to take on an alien. Corben is wakened by the woman, a doctor, working for Cadmus. She activates the Kryptonite in his chest. Alex rushes with her team and the alien was dropped off by Superman and Supergirl. J’onn is angry at their “hashtag too much fun.” The alien from the capsule is tested and Superman leaves. Kara is nervous her first day as reporter with Clark there. Cat stares at him and introduces her to her new boss, Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez), first appeared in The Brave and Bold #28 (1960) which was the first appearance of the Justice League of America! Kara’s apartment, Clark tells her he is returning to Metropolis. They get a news report on a jumper and they fly to a bridge. It’s Corben, he blasts Superman with a Kryptonite ray, and tells them he’s Metallo! Supergirl is knocked down by Metallo, she uses her heat vision to incinerate the flesh on his hand. Superman slams into Metallo, picks up his cousin in Crisis pose, before flying her back to the DEO. He is angry at J’onn and Alex explains that the ship of kryptonite was stolen. Metallo has commandeered the broadcast signal and tells everyone the threat of aliens to be stopped by Cadmus. J’onn has Winn work on anti-Kryptonite suits for the Kryptonian heroes. Snapper dismisses Kara. She goes to Cat who wants her to stand up for herself. Cat explains that she isn’t going to be around. “The cat is out of the bag”, Cat remarks and adds that she’s taking a leave of absence. Kara says, “Ms. Grant, I can’t imagine being here without you”, I second that.


Metallo is being fixed by the Cadmus scientist who has another scientist taken away. Superman and J’onn reach the Fortress of Solitude, J’onn admits he kept the Kryptonite to be prepared. Superman brings in Kelex, he analyzes the metal from Superman’s contact with Metallo, and determines that it is promethium. Kara talks over her problems with change with Alex, she wants to move to Metropolis, Alex feels that she stepped back and doesn’t want to lose her sister. She gets a call from Superman who is at the DEO, Winn has detected the promethium. They knock down Metallo, who says the threat is in Metropolis, another Metallo! Superman and Supergirl fly to Metropolis. They arrive to see the destruction. Winn is busy working on the armor as Alex is frustrated at her dating life. He mention traces of Kryptonite so Alex has them scan for it to find the agent who stole the Kryptonite, Agent McGill (Sachin Sahel). Supergirl arrives and asks about Alex to Winn. She has McGill to the warehouse and she is shot by the woman scientist (I’m suspecting that she may be Jenet Klyburn, who was played by Jena Malone in Beavis).  Alex confronts the scientist over her father and escapes when Supergirl arrives and apologizes to her sister. Winn has finished the suits. Supergirl sees Winn crying at Superman’s compliment. Metallo fires on Supergirl, no effect, and the other Metallo tries to fight Superman. The two Kryptonians strike the Metallos who short out the armor. Martian Manhunter takes on the other Metallo. Alex has on Kryptonite powered armor. Martian Manhunter uses his phase ability to take the Kryptonite heart out of Metallo Two. Alex throws a pipe into the Kryptonite heart of Metallo while Supergirl holds him. Night, Supergirl arrives at Cat’s balcony, who promises, “I’ll be back.” James (almost missing this episode) has a box of his things, he is the new Cat. Kara drops the story on Metallo on Snapper’s desk. J’onn has the Kryptonite encased in lead, he hugs Alex, and Supergirl says a farewell in Kryptonian before he flies away. Clark texts Kara and gets a call from Perry White. Supergirl talks to the unconscious alien who suddenly wakes up and chokes her! Four Kryptonite Bars out of Five!