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Supergirl, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”, Review!

Jondee here at Fort Rozz,


Night at National City, the Danvers sisters are at Kara’s apartment.  Kara worries about missing work so Alex hugs her. Non appears, Alex pulls her gun on him, and Non flies with Supergirl to the skies with other Kryptonians. She gives the “Prayer for the Dead”, in a pod is her Aunt Astra. Supergirl says, “Rao’s will be done” sending the pod into the skies. Non says that she will die in two weeks.  At the DEO, Supergirl sees Hank and then Prisoner 5090, Maxwell Lord, wants to speak to her.  Catco, Winn walks up to Kara and they see a new desk.  Siobhan Smythe (Italia Ricci) Cat’s new assistant. Siobhan McDougal is the super villain, Silver Banshee, introduced in Action Comics #595 (1987). She was in the Smallville “Escape” episode played by Odessa Rae. Kara is made Assistant #2.  She crushes her phone in frustration. She uses her super hearing to hear the conversation with Cat and Siobhan, Jimmy, and Lucy. Cat is worried about Max Lord, Jimmy tries to convince her that he is just away, Cat knows something is wrong and wants them to check out what happened. Jimmy goes to talk to Kara. He worries about the DEO holding Lord. Jimmy argues for the ethics involved. Siobhan smiles and walks away. Hank detects Prisoner 2444, Gabriel Phillips (Blake Berris), he sends agents to a warehouse led by Alex. Phillips is chained and another man sends blue blasts that knock away the agents. Phillips is taken away. Supergirl is at the DEO to hear Alex’s report. Alex says, “He could be anyone in the galaxy.” Phillips is confronted by his captor, the Master Jailer (Jeff Branson), who has an energy guillotine that drops on the prisoner. The Master Jailer first appeared in Superman #31 (1979).


Agent Danvers and Jones are there to talk to NCPD agents who are investigating the kidnapping, Detective Warren (Ray Campbell) and Detective Draper. The victims were decapitated, Draper  says one had “gills.” Hank says it’s an alien serial killer. Siobhan sends messages to Kara about Jimmy and if they are friends with benefits. Kara is angry and Cat tells her to use her “inside voice.” Alex calls her to get to the DEO. Siobhan covers for Kara’s absence. Lucy brings Jimmy photos of a car at Lord Technologies. He lets slip he knows the DEO and Lucy puts it together that it is through Supergirl. Alex figures out that the aliens were prisoners of Fort Rozz. She determines that Prisoner 2445 is next. The Master Jailer has pursued 2445 (Todd Sherry) and throws a bar that trips him up, then Supergirl arrives. Supergirl catches his chains, but he is quick. A burst of super speed, she uses to tie up the Master Jailer. He ties her up with his chains, but she uses her heat vision to free herself. The Master Jailer and the prisoner are gone. Catco, Jimmy is met by Cat. She relates her story about getting an interview with an actor, finding out that his wife was bruised, but she backed away from the studio pressure. The actor later killed his wife with a gun. Cat takes a drink and leaves Jimmy. At the DEO, Hank knows the Blackstar alloy of the chain is alien. They find that Professor Alfonse Luzano was the prisoner.  Jimmy has come to the DEO to talk with Supergirl about what he says is a “secret Guantanamo.” They are interrupted by Alex who tells him they ran the human DNA and it’s Detective Warren.


The detectives are driving when they are stopped by Supergirl. Detective Draper shoots his partner and the Master Jailer armor forms around him. Alex revives with Hank’s call, she wore a bulletproof vest, and reports that the Master Jailer took Kara. Supergirl is in pain and imprisoned bathed in red sun rays that weaken her. Her fellow prisoner, Alfonse Luzano is awkward with his English expressions, “I would say we are up a creek without a poodle.” Luzano is a character who first appeared in Supergirl #28 (2008). He explains that he was born on Star Haven and tried to be a drug smuggler, but was caught by Alura and imprisoned in Fort Rozz. He became a professor on Earth. The Master Jailer enters. At the DEO, they find that the Master Jailer was a guard on Fort Rozz, Draper, from the planet Trombus. They find his signal at a cabin the woods.  The Master Jailer wants to team up with Supergirl. He gives judgment to the prisoner. Alex is closing on the forest cabin with DEO agents. Luzano pleads innocence and Supergirl tries to break free. DEO agents move in. The agents break in, but find the cabin is empty.


The Master Jailer renders the judgment on the prisoner at the energy guillotine. Alex checks the cabin floor, breaks through, and finds a ship. The agents break in and open fire. Alex is held by the Master Jailer at the guillotine and uses her gun to create holes in the cabin to bring in sunlight. Supergirl takes the Master Jailer by the neck, snaps it?, and then flies away Luzano so he can return to teach. At the DEO, Alex frees Maxwell Lord, Supergirl won’t let the fear of Lord revealing Kara Danvers’ identity get to her. Alex threatens him with a dossier of his crimes if he does reveal her sister. At Catco, Siobhan walks next to Kara, who tells her she wants to be the next Cat Grant. Kara thanks Jimmy, “You make me a better hero.” He tells her about the lie he told Lucy and wants to reveal to Lucy that Kara is Supergirl. The DEO, Supergirl meets with the hologram of her mother, and mentions Myriad. The hologram will self-destruct if she continues about Myriad. Hank is watching with Supergirl who tells him, “There’s always another way.” She leaves the DEO, for good? Three Kryptonite bars out of Five!