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Supergirl, “Welcome to Earth”, Review!

Jondee here at Air Force One,


The last episode had Kara now as a reporter and the unconscious patient  suddenly wakening and choking Supergirl! He knocks down Supergirl as well as DEO soldiers. Alex has a rocket launcher, but the alien (Chris Wood) leaps off the building and escapes. History is made with the president offering amnesty to aliens. Alex notes that Supergirl will be there to meet the president! James has his first day in charge of CatCo. Snapper takes over. Supergirl lands to meet the president. Out of Air Force One is the president, Lynda Carter as President Olivia Marsdin! A beam hits the plane and Supergirl is hit by one burst. She protects the president with her cape. Alex debriefs Supergirl and tells her that heat vision was used in the attack. She sees an officer checking the scene, Detective Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima). Sawyer was introduced in Superman #2 (1987) by John Byrne. Alex sends her away. J’onn welcomes the president to the DEO and she wants the mission of the DEO changed. Supergirl is awed by the president. Lena welcomes Kara for her interview and shows her an alien detection device. She tests it on herself and then offers it to Kara. Lena argues that humans have the right to know who is an alien. Kara blasts it with heat vision and it registers her as human. Winn has detected what he thinks is the Kryptonian. DEO soldiers enter the warehouse led by Alex. It’s Detective Sawyer who tells them that the alien is gone. A lab is shut down, the scientist is caught in a choke hold by the alien who wants to go home. Alex gets a call from Sawyer. Snapper looks over Kara’s article on Lena, Kara is proud of her work, Snapper is not. Kara tells of her frustration to James and then tells him to be his own boss.


Alex takes a motorcycle to meet with Sawyer, I sense a romance here between the ladies, Maggie orders beers from the owner, Darla (Kaylee Sapieha). Alex notes that the patrons are aliens. Darla drops off the beers and Maggie explains that she was her ex. Sawyer asks a bearded man about the “Kryptonian.” Kara is frustrated writing and Winn talks to her. Alex has him scan for deep space signals, he finds several signals. He has found that the alien was trying to signal Daxam. Supergirl crashes into the lab and is matched by the Daxamite. She slams him into an antennae dish.  J’onn explains to the group that Daxam was a sister world to Krypton. Supergirl explains that there was a war between the planets. Supergirl confronts the Daxamite in his cell. He riles up Supergirl over her superior Kryptonian attitude. Kara follows up with Lena. Alex and Maggie are at the president’s press conference. Supergirl covers it from the air. President Marsdin is about to sign the Alien Amnesty Act when flames burn it, it’s a pyrokinetic woman with red hair (Nadine Crocker). This is Scorcher. She takes down Maggie and burns everyone including Supergirl who does a Wonder Woman twirl to extinguish the flames. Maggie is gone. Alex who has seen the woman and confronts the bearded man about her. The bartender (Sharon Leal) says the woman goes to the foundry. Maggie has her arms tied. Supergirl lands to face her and blasted her with heat vision, Scorcher throws fire at Maggie, but Alex frees her. Supergirl uses her freeze breath to encase Scorcher, but she burns through. Supergirl flies around the woman to deprive her of air and she is knocked out by Maggie. James rewrote Snapper’s story and they have a standoff, but Snapper gives in. Maggie, now patched up, is impressed by the DEO, but leaves for a date. Supergirl meets with the Daxamite and opens his cell to apologize. She has her hand out and they shake. He says his name is Mon-El who first appeared in Superboy #89 (1961) and was part of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Supergirl explains that Krypton’s destruction fell on Daxam’s moon which made it a wasteland. President Marsdin thanks Supergirl who hints that she has another jet, an invisible one? Her eyes glow blue! J’onn walks into the bar as Martian Manhunter to see the aliens. The bartender is startled, J’onn asks if she knows him, she leaves. J’onn in human form sees the bartender who transforms into a Martian, the Last Daughter of Mars! This is Miss Martian who became popular on the Young Justice cartoon, but her first appearance was in Teen Titans #37 (2006). Five Kryptonite Bars out of Five!