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Supergirl, “Myriad”, Revie...

Jondee here at the Fortress of Solitude, Last episode, Kara finally kissed James except this activated Myriad, the plan of Non and the Kryptonians. DEO, Lucy (controlled by Myriad) is reporting to Non who wants the White Martian to remain in his cell. Lucy goes to see Maxima (Eve Torres) in her cell. She first […]

Disneyland 60: Part 2!

Jondee here at the 60th Celebration, Harrison Ford came out to a standing ovation. He talked about the film going experience, describing Star Wars as “awesome”, showing the Star Wars Experience. It has the pod launching showing the futuristic city that was shown in D23. A video of the Falcon simulation. An experience with First […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens R...

Jedi Jondee here on Jakku, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is an emotional journey.  I think this ranks at the very top of Star Wars films simply because of this, not only Star Wars action, but an emotional dimension to the movie. There are parallels to A New Hope and Force Awakens; a young person lives […]