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Team Cap on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jondee here at Pym Technologies,


Team Cap were the guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. Benedict Cumberbatch is debuting the new Doctor Strange trailer Tuesday. Team Iron Man is going to be guests on Wednesday. Kimmel joked about his guests and the sidewalk characters, “There are more superheroes in our studio, then out on the street.” He showed a trailer showing Bernie Sanders as Captain America, Drumpf as Iron Man, Hilary Clinton as Scarlet Witch laughing and Ben Carson as Spider-Man. Team Cap consists of Chris Evans as Captain America, Anthony Mackie (The Falcon), Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier), and Paul Rudd (Ant Man). Kimmel asked Evans about promoting movies he didn’t like and added, “Well, it’s a lot of fun and you know popcorn tastes great!” He invited the Patriots players to the Cap premiere. Evans was explaining about deciding on the nine picture contract for Cap, getting over his fear, and Kimmel said, “So you’re a hero in real life too.”


A clip was shown the same as the MTV clip where the team is facing off to take down Crossbones. The rest of the team joined Evans at the couch and stools. Rudd talked about his acceptance into the fraternity and he felt like Flounder in Animal House. Evans noted that he may take the lead on set, but when they wrap, Blue Suit (Mackie) takes over. Stan noted that the metal arm needs “a lot of lube” for him to get into it. Rudd talked about his kids and that the films were the first things they knew. After a break, a clip was shown about a recruit, Hawkeye opens a van, to bring out Ant Man. He shakes Cap’s hands, star struck, and turns to Scarlet Witch saying, “I know you too, you’re great.” This was shown at the D23 con with Ant Man continuing to flub his introduction. Kimmel brought out the action figures including Rudd’s Ant Man in a card sized box.