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The 5th Wave Snapchat Challenge!

Jondee here with Squad 53,


The 5th Wave has challenged all of Earth. You need some skill to survive. The 5th Wave hits theaters on January 22nd.  Here’s some tips from the press release:

CAN YOU SURVIVE THE 5TH WAVE? We challenge you to put forth your survival skills and join the legions of excited fans in this engaging and thrilling Snapchat challenge where you could be amongst the lucky winner of a variety of fun prizes. The game has already started, but you can still join now. Each week will represent a distinct wave where a series of challenges will put your survival skills to test and the best snaps will be shared at the end of each week.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps outlined below and you’ll be automatically entered into the challenge. We highly encourage you to join NOW since this adventure will only last till 1/29 and the longer you participate, the better your chances are to be one of the winners!

Please let me know as soon as you join so that I may track your progress and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you very much!

·         STEP 1: Follow The5thWave on Snapchat
·         STEP 2: The5thWave will Snap a reply back initiating the challenge
·         STEP 3: Users will begin seeing the Snap stories for each new challenge