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The Fastest: Flash vs. Makkari!

Jondee here on the Cosmic Treadmill,


It’s the Flashpoint of the fastest speedsters of two universes! First, you might think that the match-up will be between Flash and Quicksilver as it was in Marvel vs. DC #2 (1996) by Peter David, Dan Jurgens, and Claudio Castellini. The Flash knocks out Quicksilver in their race. The fastest hero in the Marvel Universe is not Quicksilver though. He also outran Quicksilver in Avengers/JLA #2 (2003) by Kurt Busiek and George Perez.

DC – The Flash – Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino created Barry Allen in Showcase #4 (1956), he has mastered the Speed Force since being struck by a lightning bolt, member of the Justice League of America, he met the Flash of Earth 1 which is the Golden Age hero that inspired him from comic books! This also started the DC multiverse that was wrapped up in Crisis in Infinite Earths, originally Flash crossed dimensions with the Cosmic Treadmill, but now he is fast enough to cross dimensions and time! The most recent portrayal is Grant Gustin currently playing Barry Allen on The Flash!


Marvel – Makkari – he first appeared in The Eternals #1 (1976) by Jack Kirby, Makkari is an Eternal created by the Celestials, cosmic powered, he can run at light speed!, so he is faster than Quicksilver, in Quasar #17 (1990), “Reborn to Run”, Makkari competed in the Galactic Marathon against Quicksilver, Captain Marvel, Black Racer, and the other fastest characters and won, he is part of the Eternals, they were a race that genetically engineered by the Celestials, he is the inspiration for the Roman god Mercury and his extremely long life had him studying with Plato. The Eternals and Makkari have not been in an animated series, television, or film. This would be an awesome film, not Inhumans, Marvel!

The ultimate race would be fascinating to watch if possible to see at hyper speeds. I wonder what would be the effect of an actual speedster race, the sonic booms and distortions would level a city! The difference between the cosmic Makkari and The Flash is that The Flash with the Speed Force can tap into the very essence of speed, Makkari has the internal cosmic power to run. The ultimate decider is that Flash can run into other dimensions and time so speed does not become a constant and The Flash wins the race!