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The Flash, “Invasion”, Review!

Jondee here at the Hall of Justice,


The Invasion! is here!  Barry has to work through the problems from Flashpoint, Iris trying to get Team Flash not to encourage Kid Flash, he wants to train with H.R. This is distracting in a too much episode. There is a meteor landing, the Invasion! comic had a better build-up, it’s the Dominators that run past Flash. He is told by Lyla Michaels, who is head of A.R.G.U.S. and tells him to stand down. Arrow and Spartan are confronted by Flash before he flashes them away, Speedy joins them. Felicity contacts the Legends, because they usually drop in from wandering time and space?, and the Waverider lands with some of the Legends; White Canary, Atom, Heatwave, and the Firestorm duo. They meet at the Hall of Justice from Superfriends (another S.T.A.R. Labs building, do they have a satellite that can be a Watchtower?). He decides to get some help from another alien, the portal episode from the last Supergirl, and bring her back. I really like Supergirl identifying all of the heroes. Oliver says that Barry should be leader since he assembled them.


The downside is the compression of what would be great moments. The sparring with Supergirl taking down all of the heroes is great. There is a message from Barry 40 years in the future, that the Firestorm duo found in the Waverider, not to trust him. I like Oliver’s “one sci-fi problem at a time.” Mean Cisco is not fun and a great direction for the character, he reveals it to the others. Oliver stays with him, Team Arrow doesn’t seem to have loyalty. They go to rescue the president and he is vaporized by the Dominator and he activates a device that mind controls them! So Arrow and Flash have to fight all of the heroes, ok so the S.T.A.R. Labs team can contact just Arrow and Flash, why not use a sonic overload on the transmitters for the other heroes? If Barry is contacted by them, why can’t Supergirl use her super hearing on it? So Kid Flash takes down some of the alien controlled heroes, but he is wounded by Supergirl, so his power is more advanced than The Flash and he can’t super heal?  Oliver has to take him away and fight Speedy, Spartan, and then one on one with White Canary, nice moment. Flash races Supergirl, he is able to get her to crash through the device freeing everyone. The heroes are teleported away and Flash can’t reach Arrow in time. This leads into Arrow. I hope they bring in the Gene Bomb that takes away powers. Three Flash Rings out of Five!