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The Flash, “Potential Energy”, Review!

Jondee here at the Speed Force,


The return of the Flash after the mid-season finale opens with Barry’s narration, “boy meets Girl” and he arrives to his dinner date with Patty Spivot with burning roses. She screams, is captured by Zoom, and she is thrown from a building. Barry wakes up from the nightmare. Joe is showing his new son, Wally, around his office with Iris. A prisoner says to Wally, “Where’s your cuffs Tail Lights?” Patty walks up to talk to Iris about Barry. At CC Jitters, Patty is worried that Barry is guarded. At STAR Labs, Wells is working on an equation and slams some equipment down making Cisco mad. Cisco brings up a way to take Zoom’s speed. He explains that he was searching for the Turtle (Aaron Douglas, Chief Galen Tyrol in Battlestar Galactica). The Turtle is a Flash villain called Turtle Man in the comics, first appearing in Showcase #4 (1956). Cisco has found some robberies while looking for the Reverse Flash, security footage shows frozen bank customers, while a mysterious figure walks in. Cisco says Khan’s line from Wrath of Khan (1982), “From hell’s heart, I stabbeth thee.” The Vandervort Diamonds are being returned at the police station. Flash is there, but is slowed by the Turtle. Barry returns to Star Labs and the others explain that the Turtle has found a way to steal kinetic energy. Caitlin finds out from the Turtle’s profile that it’s Russell Glosson. Jay is concerned that he can’t help without his speed. Barry talks to Joe at his office, Joe is nervous about his dinner with Wally, Barry promises to be there. Patty walks in and Barry explains that New Year’s is when his mother died.

The Flash -- "Potential Energy" -- Image FLA210b_0096b -- Pictured (L-R): Shantel Van Santen as Detective Patty Spivot and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

At Joe’s home, they wait, but no Wally. Iris talks with Barry about Patty. He explains his nightmare of Zoom killing Patty. Barry agrees to reveal to Patty his identity. Barry returns to STAR Labs, Cisco has found another potential target for the villain, “not a ninja turtle.” Jay is going to get a tux to go to the Central City Museum. Barry calls Patty to arrange for them to go to the museum. He gets the time wrong and the others yell, “7!” LOL. Wells tells Barry to wait and warns him not to tell Patty or Zoom will take her. They have a J.W. Waterhouse display, one of my favorite painters. Caitlin is in a blue dress with Cisco and Wells in a van. Wells tells him about a 911 call that was a trap to kill all of the responding police officers. Cisco offers to “vibe” for Wells to check on his daughter. Patty shows up in a stunning dress. They kiss and they go for a dance. Barry starts to tell Patty and spots the Turtle. He runs off, Patty draws her gun, the Turtle unleashes the kinetic energy and takes her gun. The Turtle shoots down a chandler over Patty and the Flash races to save her as the Turtle hits him with another kinetic wave. Patty recovers and it’s night. STAR Labs, Caitlin checks on Barry in the Flash uniform for the effects of the kinetic blast. He is reminded about Patty and flashes away to find her. At the museum, Jay shares with Caitlin a glass of champagne. Caitlin looks at the glass and this resolves to Midway City envelope looked at by Patty. Barry is at the door and tries to explain what happened. She wants the truth or she will leave. On the street, cars are ready to go Fast and Furious. One of the driers is Wally and he hits the nitro to win the race. He takes the loser’s key and then sees his father. Joe is disappointed that Wally didn’t make the dinner. Wally explains that he sells the cars to pay for his mother’s hospital bills.


Patty is sipping a glass and finds the Turtle at the door. She fires her gun, but she hits the bullets with his kinetic blast. He gets Patty in a chokehold and holds her gun to her head. Barry goes to check on Patty and sees the fallen gunshot rounds. He calls Joe to tell him that the Turtle has kidnapped Patty. At the Turtle’s lair, antiques are there with the Turtle tapping on a typewriter. He wants to hurt the Flash because of his wife left him. He takes away a tarp to show Patty his wife preserved behind a glass door. The Turtle has another for Patty! The team starts to go over storage for Glosson. Cisco remembers that his ex-wife worked for Raydel Laboratories. The Flash races there as the Turtle is about to inject Patty with a needle. He is hit by another kinetic blast and struck by the Turtle. The Flash runs away as the Turtle comes at Patty with a knife, he is getting super sonic and knocks down the Turtle. He frees Patty and she hugs him. The Turtle wakes in the sleep. The Flash says he’s they’re most prized possession. Caitlin goes to see Jay and tells him she knows he’s sick. He says the only way he will survive if he gets his speed back from Zoom. At Joe’s house, Wally enters for his jacket, Joe apologizes. He says that he won’t be his “instant father.” Barry walks up to Patty, she tells him she’s leaving Central City, she is going to study forensic science at Midway City. Wells makes a journal entry to his daughter. He goes to the lockup to inject a needle into the Turtle which looks like it kills him. On the night streets, the Reverse Flash (now Matt Letscher) appears! He activates his hologram, Gideon, to ask where he ended up.  Four Flash rings out of Five!