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The Lion Guard, “Never Judge a Hyena By Its Spots”, Review!

Jondee here in the Outlands,

The first episode of The Lion Guard series aired on the Disney Channel.  The voice of Kion (son of Simba), Max Charles, introduces the episode’s title. Gazelles run, chased by hyenas led by Jonja (Andrew Kishino). The cloud from the stampede reveals Kion and the Lion Guard. Kion yells and chases after the hyenas while the Lion Guard watches over the herd. He chases them off, but his yell shatters a log and sends him into the river. The Lion Guard has calmed the herd and Ono (Atticus Shaffer) finds Kion in the river. Bunga (Joshua Rush) jumps after Kion and is rescued by the hippo Beshte (Dusan Brown). Kion hits some rapids and manages to get to shore, in the Outlands, he is headed to Flat Ridge Rock. Bunga gets them lost and he moves past a snake. Kion is in a ravine and meets a female hyena, Jaseri (Maia Mitchell). She’s on her own and wants Kion out of her land. The Lion Guard is led out by Ono and they meet a zebra who is also confused. They head over to the Watering Hole to get directions. Kion starts climbing with Jaseri telling him he is going the wrong way. There’s a little factoid about animals covering in mud to protect themselves from the sun. Plus, the characters need Kion, but have difficulty stepping up to his leadership role.


Kion is trapped in thorns and Jaseri goes to free him. She says the other hyenas are male and they are foolish! Love this show. Beshte leads the way with Bunga snacking on flies. Ono spots a flat rock with Fuli (Diamond White) the cheetah racing ahead. Kion thanks Jaseri and she shows him the way to Flat Ridge Rock. He limps and Jaseri watches over him. Kion tries to tell Jaseri about the Circle of Life and she tells him she knows about it. Jaseri explains that hyenas are the clean up crew. This leads to great song, “We’re the Same (Sisi Ni Sawa).” This show is really great at expanding the Lion King verse. Jaseri joining the Lion Guard? They have reached Jonja’s territory. He offers to give her help. She is startled by Jonja and the other hyenas. She is surrounded, but takes on the hyenas one by one. Kion is there and bashes away Jonja. She saves him from some hyenas. They are cornered with Kion telling Jaseri to get behind him. Kion calls on the Roar of the Elders and the other Lion Guard members run to the call. Fuli faces off Jaseri, but Kion says she’s a friend. Jaseri says goodbye to Kion heading over to her territory and he rushes off to catch up with the others. No Simba or the other older animals, or Kiara, but a nice self-contained episode. Five Lion Roars out of Five! “Hevi kabisa!”