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Warner Bros. Studio Tour! (Part I)

Jondee here at Warner Brothers (really!),

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Summer, my birthday is coming soon, what to do? Go to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour! I haven’t been there since two years ago. The Beavis exhibit went up and now DC Universe: The Exhibit. It is interesting since after the security check-in, they moved the studio store and moved up the ticket booth. After the film preview in the theater, the tour guides came in to collect their groups. In this case, it was Andy who bravely fought past a cold and kept his enthusiasm. The tram rolled through the gate and we went past the Berlanti Productions building, home of Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, I think their production office. We also went past Warner Bros. Television to a building that had many producers like Aaron Sorkin. Andy stopped the tram so we could see Jon Cryer walking past. Next, we drove to the Conaco office and stopped to see the live feed from the studio. While we were there, Brielle (I’m almost certain), the smart, little girl featured on Ellen, walked up stairs and said, “Hi” to the tour. It was nice to see people I recognize from the telly, I didn’t see any such celebs the first time, Andy has luck, get on his tour.

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The tour went through the Mill, where we saw props and workers constructing what seems like a set piece. Next, the tour had a walk to the building with the Batvehicles. All of the Batmobiles except the Beavis one (which was at Comic Con), Batcycles and pods, with the addition of the bomb that was at the end of Dark Knight Rises (2012). They also added the Catwoman suit worn by Michelle Pfeiffer which was moved from the Batman exhibit last time. Then, it was a walk over to the Ellen stage, Stage 1, 2, and 3. The show is on hiatus, but we had to enter through Stage 3 because there was some construction on the Riff Raff Room. The tour went past the Green Room, we peeked at the stairs, and then into her stage which had 300 seats, it looks massive, but that’s camera work.  The props department was fascinating, the lamps, signs, there were props from Casablanca, The Matrix, and Maltese Falcon. The rocking chair from The Conjuring, drinks from the True Blood show, and a crucifix from The Walking Dead. There was a row of Agent Smiths, and the red chairs from The Matrix, the Game of Thrones throne used in a Conan sketch, and samurai armor from Last Samurai. A recreation of the White House. Then, it was back on the tram to the DC Universe: The Exhibit and Harry Potter upstairs.

DSC_0343 copy 2 Berlanti Prods.

DSC_0365 copy 2 Batmobiles.

DSC_0364 copy 2 Dark Knight prop.

DSC_0376 copy 2 Ellen’s Stage 1.

DSC_0383 copy 2 Casablanca props.

DSC_0388 copy 2 Rocking chair from The Conjuring.

DSC_0397 copy 2 Red chairs used in The Matrix.