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Warner Bros. Studio Tour (Part II)

Jondee here at Belle Reve,

DSC_0431 copy 2

The DC Universe: The Exhibit is worth the price of a ticket alone. Not on a crowded convention floor, plus there is some interaction, handling Kryptonite with gloves, and a photo op behind Belle Reve bars. At the front is banners of the Justice League, plus comic books featuring the various heroes. The first costume is Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Perry White’s costume are to the side along with Daily Planet props. On the other side is Wonder Woman’s costume complete with lasso and shield. Next to it, is Batman’s Mad Max gear, in the center is the Batman armor, and Batman’s costume. A demon was hissing from in front of the gravestones of the Waynes. Plus, there was the grappling gun below a schematic of the Batmobile. There is some Kryptonite spear, but there wasn’t the rest of the Justice League, that will probably be later. This leads into the Suicide Squad in the middle to the end of the exhibit. In the center, of course, is Harley Quinn ready to swing a bat, her hammer prop is to the side. She is front of the Belle Reve prison, and to the right is the costume of Amanda Waller. On the other side, it’s Rick Flag’s armor. Following the right side, there is the costume and boomerangs of Captain Boomerang. Behind Harley, is a case with the cane and gun of the Joker. Then, there is the Joker’s white jacket ringed by blades. Towards the wall is a giant panda bear costume with Friends Forever.

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To the side is the totems of the Enchantress, the sword of Katana, and the eyepiece and costume of Deadshot. All of the squad members have some displays, but I was in a rush. I had to hurry through the Harry Potter exhibit, really picking up shots that didn’t come out the first time. Nothing new, nothing from Fantastic Beasts yet, still it is a great exhibit. Costumes from all of the movies. There was the suit that a performer operated the legs of the troll, the fireplace with the letters was moved from the front to the back, and at the end was Aragog. I had to get to the tour group and we took the tram entering a part of the studio where filming had just finished. The tour wrapped up, but there was a new part (for me), Warner Bros. Legacy exhibit which shows the different stages of film development from Screenwriting to the Art Department and finally into sets. You can spend as much time as you want there with your tour ticket. It was interesting to see the set models of Superman Returns, there were costumes of MoS, and of course the couch from Friends (which is a photo op). New for me was the set and costumes of Two and a Half Men, costumes of Mad Max: Fury Road, and props and costumes from Gravity. There was a photo op to show how scale worked in LoTR next to a suspended Flying Anglia. Then, models of the APU and Sentinel from Matrix, the suit from the Tom Cruise movie Rise, Rinse, and Repeat, and props from Interstellar; the TARS robot and models of the lander. Finally, there are several green screens where you can ride the Harry Potter broom stick, ride the Bat Pod, and go into the astronaut suit from Gravity. Great for the souvenir photo and video. You can hold an actual Academy Award, see wands from Harry Potter, a blimp model used in Blade Runner, the Superman cape worn by Christopher Reeve. Another great tour!

DSC_0411 copy 2 Wonder Woman.

DSC_0417 copy 2 Batman.

DSC_0421 copy 2 Daddy’s Lil Monster.

DSC_0428 copy 2 The Joker.

DSC_0447 copy 2 Harry Potter exhibit.

DSC_0479 copy 2 Warner Bros. animation.

DSC_0503 copy 2 Friends set.

DSC_0511 copy 2 Mad Max: Fury Road costumes.

DSC_0518 copy 2 Prop and costumes from Gravity.

DSC_0534 copy 2 The Batpod green screen.