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Westworld, “The Bicameral Mind”, Review!

Jondee here at Delos,


The finale is written by the show’s creators and directed by Jonathan Nolan. Dolores’ narration says that she is in a dream. Her head and torso being constructed by Bernard.  William is dragging Logan by a rope and then gunmen cover him.  The train arrives and Teddy sees the bodies around the town and Dolores.  He is shocked into Westworld by a bump and guns the man down. Teddy hops back into the train.  Dolores takes the Man in the Black to the graveyard and find stye maze toy.  Bernard talks to Dolores and gives her a gun telling her that she will help him “destroy this place.” The Man in Black asks Dolores where is Wyatt and he slugs her. She sees the dead pople and her gun. Teddy is shooting people down with his rifle. He says, “Somthing’s gone wrong Dolores.” Back to the Man in Black, who says he bought this world and wants Dolores to know it’s a lie. She says the person who love her will kill him. William scouts from a hilltop and punches Logan. The transit station, Lee talks to Charlotte, he thinks she is going to overthrow Ford. She tells him, “Everything is under control.” The labs, Felix is assembling a skeleton while Sylvester sees Maeve working at changing things meaning Hector and Armistice. Ford is visited by Charlotte. A tech is working on Hector having his fun. He puts on ear buds as the other tech readies the naked Armistice. His finger is in her mouth, when she wakens and bites down on it. The other tech can’t hear as she kills him. He takes his pants down in front of Hector. Armistice puts the piece of his finger in the tech’s mouth. The other tech tries to stop her and he is killed by Hector. Maeve and Sylvester walk in. Armistice slams Sylvester against a wall. He has found someone else has been checking their code, they have been altered to wake up. The train pulls up and Teddy walks out gunning a man before getting on his horse. Dolores tries to crawl away, says he’s William, The Man in Black tells about his story, killing men to find Dolores. He has a soldier pick up a gun and shoots him. He takes his knife and stabs him in the throat. Logan is repelled at this act and William pulls him away on a rope. The picture of his fiancee slips away. William shoots down another man and takes his black hat. He takes a feather to Logan, naked on a horse, William has turned into a killer. Logan screams at William that Delos is his company and tells him that he never cared about Dolores.


William, bearded, has reached the saloon and sees Dolores. She drops a can and sees him. It’s the Man in Black! She flashes back to memories of the younger William. Dolores asks him, “What have you become?” He wants to know where is the center of the Maze. She is crying because he will die and says that the world belongs to Wyatt. She punches William and knocks him down into the church. He tries to fight her, but you can’t fight a Terminator. Dolores takes out her gun, he wants to go to the next level, and stabs her with a knife. She has visions of the younger William. Teddy rides up and shoots The Man in Black. He takes her away. The storage unit, Sylvester, Felix, Hector and Armistice follow Maeve to Clementine. They see the offline and bloody Bernard and Maeve has the techs bring him back. He shows Meave her other models. The church, The Man in Black limps to see fallen Maze toy, Ford tells him he found the center of the Maze, he has “a new narrative.” Ford tells William that he owns most of Westworld. Maeve wants to know her maker, Bernard says that escape was a narrative created for her. The hosts leave. A report that there is a problem with Cold Storage. Dolores and Teddy have reached the shore. Dolores dies by the moonlight. Their scene has applause in a play with Ford introducing the new narrative, “Journey into Night.” Security video shows the killing of the tech. Everything goes into a security lockdown and Westworld is closed. The techs and the hosts reach a level and they see the other hosts in their test rooms. Delos security is there with rifles. One security guard has his neck slit by Armistice and Hector takes his gun. Armistice takes another gun and they wreck havoc. The Man in Black walks past the party in a tux, Bernard is there, and the group enters the corridors of Delos. They see a samurai warrior. Armistice and Hector are going to take care of the security teams. A guard closes a security door on Armistice’s arm and they leave her. The executives watch the escape and an elevator opens. Hector is frozen, he can’t enter, Maeve kisses him and he goes off to fight the security team. Ford fixes Dolores’ lip and shows her Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. He introduces her to Bernard. Ford explains that Arnold distraught over his son wanted to recreate his son’s imagination into Dolores. He was obsessed over his son’s maze game and entered Wyatt into Dolores’ programming. Arnold wanted someone who would never die, he plays a record. He sits down, Dolores shoots him, Teddy and then herself. She says, “So we are trapped in your dream.” Ford shows her the gun she used to kill Arnold. He points out the human brain shaped around man. Maeve gets in dress clothes in front of Felix who has found her daughter. Maeve loads her gun as the elevator opens to the transit station. She walks to the train and finds a seat. Bernard warns Ford that he will lose control of the park. Ford explains that the key was suffering, the answer is time, and he shakes Bernard’s hand before giving him the Maze game. Dolores walks over to a chair next to Bernard. His voice changes to Ford’s and she sees herself in Westworld dress. An empty chair, then her dress and gun, Westworld begins, Ford meets with the rest of the party. The player piano starts and Ford greets the party goers. The Man in Black stumbles off as Bernard walks in. Maeve sees the family on the train and then walks out, but the lights shut down. Lee sees that Cold Storage is empty. Ford explains the new narrative with Wyatt. The Man in Black sees men coming out of the forest. It’s Ford’s last story, Dolores walks in Westworld, then behind Ford. The Ghost Nation shoots The Man in Black in the arm. Teddy and Bernard watch as Dolores shoots Ford and the rest of the party as the music winds down. Some finality which may not be final, but a good wrap for the season. Five Control Pads out of Five!