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Westworld, “The Well-Tempered Clavier”, Review!

Jondee here at the Maze,


Closeup of Maeve with bloody neck. Bernard meets with her, he questions Maeve’s programming, she explains that Clementine was a threat. He tells Maeve that she felt intense suffering, the flashback of her death echoes, he has found out changes were made. Maeve grabs his arm and then freezes his mental functions! She unfreezes Bernard and he is shaken. The camp with Delores prisoner. Logan holds the remains of squab over William tied up at the dinner table. She says she doesn’t want to get out with the guests wanting to get into Westworld. Logan takes her away. Bernard enters the private room, Dr. Robert Ford walks into the room of unfinished robots to talk to guy, he shows Ford’s control pad. He says Arnold built most of him and wants memories of Arnold returned. Bernard pulls out a pistol and gives it to Clementine to shoot him. Ford accesses Bernard’s memory and he wakes up to see his son. He continues reading Alice in Wonderland, he sees a screen of his wife, played by Gina Torres. Bernard sees Theresa in bed. Again his question if Ford made Bernard hurt anyone, then his strangling her. William is taken to the campfire while Delores is brought in. Logan shows William the picture of his sister whom he was supposed to marry. He kisses Delores and then cuts her open to show the robotics inside. She takes the knife and slashes his face and then guns down the soldiers before running. In the night, she runs, Delores stands up unharmed. The gunfighters led by Hector are at camp. He goes off to relieve himself and Maeve has him covered with a rifle. She tells him he doesn’t have a future. The men all shoot themselves and Maeve shoots down Armistice (Ingrid Bolso Berdal). She opens the safe and offers him a deal. The safe is empty and Maeve kisses him. He agrees and then get some tent time. She knocks down the lamp as they kiss.  Not Game of Thrones sexy, but silhouette sexy.


Logan drinks and offers a drink to William and frees him. He tells William the Vegas motto, “What happens here, stays here” and hugs him. Teddy is wakened with arrow in his shoulder, the masked men take off bones from the camp. He realizes that the woman is a member. Teddy knows that Wyatt is at Escalante. They shoot down all of the soldiers in the camp and then Wyatt shoots him. He flashes back again, Teddy sees a woman crying over her man and he shoots her. She stabs him in the gut. The Man in Black tells her about the Maze and she slams his head back into a rock. He wakens on the ground with a rope around his neck and hands. The rope is over a tree branch and tied to his horse. He reaches for the knife in Teddy and the horse bolts before he cuts the rope. He sees Charlotte talking about Theresa’s death. She wants his vote to force Ford out. At the Delos map, head of security Ashley gets the report that Elsie is detected. He goes to the signal and then sees tribesmen who ignore his commands. He draws his gun, but is tackled. Logan wakes up to see the slaughtered camp, William is there with a knife. William knocks down Logan and threatens him with the knife. The lab, Ford looks at Bernard, flashback to his son fading at the hospital. They see the bloody form of Maeve. Bernard is stuttering, overloaded, until he flashes to another conversation with Ford bringing up Arnold. Delores runs and reaches the town. Ford tells Bernard about his partner, Arnold. Delores enters a church of people, the woman alive, she opens a door for confession. She opens another door in the lab and sees dead workers. Bernard is angry, Delores sits next to an empty chair, he revives his son, and hugs him. Bernard gets off his gurney, Ford gives him the glasses, he asks, “Who am I?” Delores calls him Arnold and says that she killed him! Dolores is in her Westworld outfit talking to an empty chair. She walks out of the confession room to an empty church. It opens and there is the Man in Black. The lab, Bernard wants to free all of the sentient hosts. Bernard orders Clementine to shoot Ford, but he is ahead with a back door, he has Bernard take the gun from Clementine with the gun at his own head. Ford tells him, “I have new story to tell”, he walks away, and there is a gunshot. Four Control Pads out of Five!