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Whiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm-Review

Mobile gaming is as big a business as Cannabis and Whiz Khalifa decided to combine them both into a app that’s puts you in control of your own grow! Whiz Khalifa, if you didn’t know, is the multi-talented rapper responsible for a few Billboard #1 hits including “Black and Yellow” and “See You Again” from the “Furious 7” soundtrack.

In “Weed Farm” you get to pick the strains you want to grow, each strain having its own yields and cost of watering. The more you water your plants the more buds they produce and the sooner you get one step closer to becoming a weed mogul! Tap or swipe the plants to harvest coins, which you can use to buy more strains like Skywalker Kush, Blue Dream, and Cali Kush! You have 9 grow spots available but you can keep more strains in your weed jar, collect them all, like Pokémon but stonier!

You can upgrade your Lights to produce more yield per grow for a few hours or you can play some beats for your plants, and for a short time, boost the amount of buds your grow produces, its science! The cost for the boosts is about 30 seconds of your time. You’ll need to watch an ad to completion, usually for another game. You can do this a few times a day or as life permits.

Don’t worry about losing your crop if you don’t have the time to sit and tap a screen to collect your coins. Once you log in your coins are waiting for you. After all, who wants to ruin their high with stressing about digital herb?

As you progress and level up as a farmer, I’m currently a level 7 “Weed Waterer”, you I’ll be able to grow stronger strains and different types of cannabis. There is an “end-game” to being a weed farmer! Once you’ve grown enough ganja to sell to a dispensary “your ride” will appear and park next to your grow house. Your ride being available means you are ready to drive your buds to the dispensaries and get paid! The downside to selling your buds is you will need to start your grow over again but you’ll be able to turn a profit faster with better funding and stronger strains!

Every now and then a drone flies through your grow, tap it to get bonus coins. Gems are the premium currency in the game. You can spend your gems on additional boosts to speed up your grow, or harvest your crop and keep your plants! You can earn gems slowly over time and achievements or you can purchase them in game for real world money.

The graphics of the game are clean and cartoonish. Aside from harvesting weed, activating the bonuses, and tapping the drone, you can pet the puppies! You don’t get anything for that but the dog appreciates it! A character Whiz Khalifa appears on the bottom of your screen to congratulate you when you level up and offer you game advice. I would have liked to have some of Khalifa’s music playing in the background of the game rather then the “urban soundtrack” you do hear. That added detail would have made the game 100% solid, but the few beats of “Money in the Bank” you get when you spin the records is a funny bonus I did like. Overall, Whiz Khalifa’s Weed farm is a fun game for the weed enthusiast who wants to play a mobile app game but has no interest in candies, real time warfare, or orcs and castles!