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Who Won Comic Con? (Part 1 – The Movies)

Jondee here at Hall H,


First, this is a moot question, one does not win Comic Con, you can go and attend Comic Con, but the winners are those who survive Comic Con and think yeah, I should go next year. Next, there were a number of panels movie and tv that hit Comic Con so let’s go over a few. DC? Marvel? Comic Con it’s both. Next year, Marvel has D23. Finally, I think the actors don’t realize we don’t recognize them at a glance or their characters, please introduce yourselves and character if possible. Special Mention: Power Rangers, the young cast seems excited about the film, no helmets which the originals take to the cons, it’s Morphin’ Time! Here we go!

   Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch is out there, supporting it, but the story could still go anywhere, this is why it’s placement is here, this one comes out November 4th.
   Kong: Skull Island, the actors were supporting it, the Legendary Kaijuverse sounds exciting, liked the trailer, hope that there is more revealed later on.
   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, a must see follow-up, still I don’t know much about the story, the actor reveals were great, Russell and Debicki’s characters, Yondu coming out in full make-up and costume as well as the Ravengers, nice.
   Valerian, this is intriguing, again I have no idea what was at the panel, but that fans seemed to react well to it, the graphic novel sounds promising.
   Suicide Squad, the actors look ready to start the DC cinematic universe, other movies don’t seem to count, fun, capturing the comics characters, David Ayer is steering the first DC movie right, get ready for the squad on August 5th!