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Who Won Comic Con? (Part IV – TV)

Jondee here at National City (now relocated to Toronto),


Last installment, here are the shows that hit Comic Con and made an impression.

Dead of Summer, loving this show, consistently good writing and acting, I don’t know what was revealed at Comic Con.
American Gods, I didn’t finish the Neil Gaiman novel, but this is interesting, I don’t get STARZ.
Game of Thrones, hotter than ever, but I also don’t have HBO, I have read three of the novels, met George RR Martin, but don’t know what was said at the Comic Con panel.
Once Upon a Time, Aladdin and Jasmine, the “diamond in the rough” played by Deniz Akdeniz, Karen David as Jasmine, perfect. Sign me up for next season, that film came out when I was working at DLand, helped open the Aladdin’s Oasis and was part of the show, and then I went to see the animated film at El Capitan.
Supergirl, love, love this show, the one question I have is Calista Flockheart, I didn’t see her at the Comic Con panel, I hope she at least has a few cameos, the additions to the show are exciting, Miss Martian, Lynda Carter as the president?, dream come true, the show on WB is perfect.