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Why We Need Heroes In Crisis

What constitutes a crisis? When you hear that word you think of a large-scale disaster, especially for DC Comics. But what about our internal crisis? Most importantly, what about the heroes we relate to? How do you cope with a struggle when your safe haven is attacked? These are all themes that will be explored in DC Comics’ new storyline Heroes In Crisis” coming out this week, written by Tom King with artwork by Clay Mann and Mitch Gerads.

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Growing up with comic books of different genres, I was always fascinated by how heroes would handle the challenges thrown at them. After fighting for their city, they would go home, eat dinner with their loved ones (if they had any left), and wake up the next morning as if nothing had happened. But deep down, the trauma heroes endure,  changes a person.

After an intimate introduction during San Diego Comic Con writer, Tom King describes similar feelings after his time overseas fighting against terrorism. We were given the privilege to dive deeper into what’s to come in the new comic book series.

“Heroes in Crisis” introduces readers to “the Sanctuary”, a secret health center created by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman where heroes and villains alike, can come to recharge their mental health in rural Nebraska. All participants wear white robes and golden masks to guarantee anonymity. Tom King discussed pulling inspiration from the violence we see around us on a daily basis and wanting to tell the stories of the New War generation who have fought overseas and returned to their ordinary lives through comics. The story isn’t about the creation of the Sanctuary, however, it’s about its failure and what happens to heroes and villains when a mass shooting threatens their own safe haven.

I believe this new storyline to be very important in the climate we live in currently. There is still so much stigma associated with mental health problems, PTSD and daily violence. We don’t talk about it enough, and resources are scarce. A great question brought up during the Q&A asked if in every issue there would be a number to a help-line. This is an idea already under consideration by the creators since some readers will get a glimpse into a fictional storyline that may hit close to home. People all around the world are already all-too-familiar with our safe spaces being interrupted by senseless violence. It is still not known whether or not a hotline would be included in every issue.

Readers will see how DC heroes handle violence and grief that hits close to home, sadly something people in the real world have come to face on a daily basis now. “Heroes In Crisis” will be the next best thing DC Comics has to offer and I am very much looking forward to its release Wednesday.

Heroes In Crisis #1 releases September 26th, 2018.