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Wonder Woman #1 Review!

Jondee here at Bwunda,


The cover to Wonder Woman #1 by interior artist, Liam Sharp, features the warrior Wonder Woman bearing a sword, Steve Trevor in the background, and a were-creature with the rest, Hippolyta, and Ares, not featuring in the story. Also in the corner is the logo celebrating 75 years of Wonder Woman. The story by Greg Rucka continues from the set up in Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1.  It opens in Bwunda, the fictional African country of Bwunda introduced in Birds of Prey: Black Canary/Oracle #1 (1996). Wonder Woman leaps off a gorge and into the jungle, incredible line work by Sharp, his artwork reminds me of the European, Heavy Metal-style. She is calling out that she is searching for someone, sees claw marks, and tribesman follow her. It shifts to Langley, Virginia, a commander is headed over to a base, she is given the report that Wonder Woman is rumored to be in the area. She gets to the communication center and contacts her team, this is when we get that she is Etta Candy(!), her ethnicity is the same as in the New 52 where she was Trevor’s secretary, here she is a commander in control.


This shifts back to Bwunda where Trevor, bearded, and deep in heavy fire. His mission is to reach an objective before a warlord, Cadulo. Wonder Woman has reached a grotesque assemblage of skeletons topped by a horned skull, pure Sharp. She says she will give three warnings and isn’t there to fight, but will. Etta gets confirmation that it is Wonder Woman and contacts Trevor, she says she’s okay if he told Wonder Woman about the mission, but he admits that he hasn’t spoken to her. Wonder Woman has reached an outcropping and gives her final warning, she is answered in a nice splash page of jackal headed were-creatures leaping at her. Trevor reaches a village and one elder calls him a “righteous warrior”, and that besides the wounded, Cadulo took their daughters. Wonder Woman screams out, “Face me!”, she is slashed by an unknown assailant, until we get the reveal in a splash page, kinda guessed with the setting and claws, Barbara Ann, Cheetah. Whose face is blocked by Wonder Woman’s bracelet. Trevor and Etta’s story stands apart from Wonder Woman’s narrative, sure it will be tied in somehow, but I like the parallel stories. Incredible artwork and story. Five Lassos of Truth out of Five!