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Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 Review!

Jondee here at Themysicra,


The New52 rebooted Wonder Woman’s origin as yet another child of Zeus instead of clay under Brian Azzarello, she hooked up with Superman for some reason, ignored by Azzarello, then Geoff Johns wrapped it up with Grail, the Amazonian daughter of Darkseid(?), and it was revealed, a twin brother. This tangled mess is rebooted again in the Wonder Woman: Rebirth special. It features the return of writer Greg Rucka who had a run from 195 to the cancelled 226 with the Infinite Crisis. The cover by interior artist Liam Sharp has a closeup of Wonder Woman holding a sword. The other artist, Matthew Clark, handles the art for the beginning with Wonder Woman struggling with her two origins. This goes into a splash page of Wonder Woman deflecting a barrage of bullets with her bracelets (say that five times!) to protect a woman, to show that Wonder Woman is truly back. She takes down the gunman and saves the woman from a strip club. Wonder Woman returns to her apartment to see the Helm of the God of War. She puts it on noting that “the first casualty of war is truth.” There’s a return to her origin saving Steve Trevor or confronting Ares. She ends up crushing the helmet, impossible if it was made by the gods, and for the first time laces her arm with her Lasso of Truth to ask who am I? Wonder Woman ends up in a room at night in Paris looking at the Eiffel Tower. She shatters a mirror with shards from her past and New52. Wonder Woman leaves the helmet behind to transport herself to Olympus. This is where Liam Sharp’s detailed pencils go to town on the scenery. She faces a minotaur and then a centaur, slowly getting closer to the truth. This leads to the “Lies” storyline and Wonder Woman “Year One” with Rucka’s colleague on the Black Magick Image comicNicola Scott. A return to form for DC, Five Lassos of Truth out of Five!