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Wynonna Earp #1 Review!

Jondee here at Malad City,


This comic caught my eye on the comic book shelves, it looked like a Western cowgirl shooting zombies and vampires, classic Beau Smith. His comics work includes Guy Gardener for DC, the back-up in Swords of Texas for Eclipse, and Cobb, another IDW comic creation with a Secret Service agent. It has promise as a Sy Fy series that premieres on April 1st. There is an art cover by artist Lora Innes and a photo cover with a close-up of Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) wielding her pistol while the sun is setting. The artwork by Lora Innes reads simply, smooth lines, nothing complicated. The horror is basic vampire stuff, fangs, pointed ears, but the gore is in buckets. Wynonna Earp is tough, gun wielding marshal taking care of the slime of the underworld.


A page of explanation about the supernatural criminals, the Chupacabra Cartel, run by Mars Del Rey. They are harvesting human organs, but are hunted down by the Black Badge Division of the U.S. Marshals. Special Agent Dolls is advising the person to take down Mars Del Rey, Wynonna Earp, the descendant of Wyatt Earp. This is all briefed in the splash page. She has brunette locks instead of the blonde hair from earlier series which Smith promises to explain. What isn’t explained is how the guns work, if they are supernatural guns or shoot magical bullets. Wynonna is busy talking to a zombie with a missing arm and her shot gun to his head which she fires at point blank range. She is called over to talk with Dolls (Shamier Anderson plays his character in the series) covered in blood and pieces of organs as hazmat agents clean up the mess. Not for the faint of heart.


Dolls tells her that someone escaped her zombie killing spree, a certain Debbie Donner, a twist on the SNL character Debbie Downer? Wynonna takes off on her motorcycle, but Dolls is confronted by a man who gave him the tip on Del Rey’s second-in-command. This looks like the Doc Holliday character played by Tim Rozon. Mars Del Rey is relaxing comfortably at his house in Malad City, Idaho. At the Skull Valley Diner, Utah, Debbie is with her boys talking to Del Rey via cell phone. Also, there is two federal agents watching over them. Wynonna enters and orders some milk. Debbie walks over to her and Wynonna spurts the milk all over her. Then, she kicks her into a table. Debbie’s boys begin blasting up the diner with the agents taking video on their phones. Debbie goes demonic and grabs Wynonna by her neck, before the marshal bashes a pitcher onto her mouth. Once Wynonna Earp takes care of the creatures she can move on to stopping Mars Del Rey. Beau Smith has an essay about a set visit to the Sy Fy show at the end of the comic. There is potential here for an interesting horror/crime comic.