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Wynonna Earp, “Diggin’ Up Bones”, Review!

Jondee here at the Black Badge office,

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Flashback to Wynonna asking about her sister, Willa, taken by the Revenants when she was a kid. She sees Waverly on the stairs and she points to her dress as Willa. Bones are at her feet. The younger Willa (Anna Quick) is seen and Wynonna screams. Waverly closes the window and wakes up her sister. Morning, a Revenant is tied to a post. Agent Dolls doing pushups whiteout his shirt as Wynonna walks in. She stares at him and says, “Keep yourself chest already.” Agent Dolls meets with Wynonna and the judge to talk about Bobo. Now, with a search warrant, they are ready to check on what Bobo is doing at his camp. Waverly is taking photos at the camp with trail mix on hand. Wynonna and Dolls search Bobo’s rv. They come up empty. The Revenant crawls on his hands. Wynonna takes out her gun to get the camp’s attention. The gang members fight with her and she smacks them down. Bobo catches sight of Waverly taking the pictures. A Revenant crawls under Wynonna’s truck. Bobo is in custody and is met by Waverly. He kicks out a chair for her. Bobo explains that he chose her as a kid because she was angry. Wynonna walks in and closes the shutter for the two-way mirror. She takes out her gun, the gun flies into his hand!, and his hand burns. In walks, his lawyer, who frees Bobo. Wynonna walks past Doc and in her truck, she has a knife to her throat by the Revenant, Fish. Waverly sees her sister drive off and Doc jumps into her jeep. The judge is angry at Dolls for Wynonna’s actions. Fish is car sick and Wynonna has her gun on him. Doc hugs Fish. The lawyer kisses Bobo and leaves him. He calls her Miss. Stone.

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At the saloon, Doc has his reunion with Fish, he explains that back in the day he met the “most beautiful man”, a photographer, Levi. He offers his help to know the fate of the man. At a cabin, Wynonna kicks open a cabin door, and ties up the man, Vinnie. She sticks him with a hook and hears her father’s voice in Vinnie. He screams out Hellsgate. She shoots Vinnie. The Revenant wants to break into the police station to get a photo. Doc Holliday wants to use dynamite, but Wynonna has something better, “Boobs.” Wynonna tries to flirt with two female construction workers and then Doc uses his magic on them. Dolls talks with Miss Stone, CC, and the judge. A carbon monoxide warning goes off in the building. Wynonna runs into a security guard. He is knocked out by Fish. Doc enters the Black Badge office. He turns to see Miss Stone. She uses his powers to freeze Doc and then is gone. Wynonna has a few boxes and runs into Dolls with a gun who lets them go. Waverly is shooting Bobo’s camp. Doc explains that the photographer was mixed up with the Shadow Assassin. They see Levi chewed off his foot and escaped. Out in the woods, they check for Levi, Fish sees the body of Levi, his face melted. Fish wants Wynonna to end them. She shoots them and it is a bittersweet end to these Revenants. Miss Stone is in a black dress singing to two sets of bones. Bobo drops down and she is angry at him about not telling her about Doc Holliday. He wants pay back on Miss Stone. Doc kisses Wynonna and it’s undressing time. Wynonna explains to Dolls that Fish was a peaceful Revenant. He shows her pictures of the three sisters. Dolls sees a photo of Ward, Wynonna’s father, strung up by a gang, this is the same photo at the judge’s office. Four Silver Bullets out of Five!