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Wynonna Earp, “Leavin’ on Your Mind”, Review!

Jondee here at the Ghost River Triangle,


Shorty’s Saloon, Wynonna greets her sister, Waverly, and then talks with Doc Holliday. “It seems you’re just my type”, he says before walking away. At a statue dedication, there are gang members. A time capsule is opened and the deputy mayor (Jerry Callaghan) pulls out a box. Three gang members rummage through it to find Dixie’s diary. He places it in his bag and a severed hand falls out. One of the gang members takes out a knife and kills the deputy mayor. Waverly shows her sister and Agent Dolls a map of the town and points out the Ghost River Triangle. “All of it – cursed”, she explains adding that it is a prison for the revenants. Wynonna gives a vengeful speech and Agent Dolls points out that she has powered sugar on her nose. Waverly uncovers a photo of Doc Holliday. At Holliday’s trailer, a woman walks in, Beth (Sasha Barry), sent by Bobo. She pulls off her shirt and they kiss. Wynonna sees the murder scene of the deputy mayor. Dolls plays a video of the gang members cutting off a man’s hand. He suspects that the man, an innocent killer, and the hand would be used to help them escape the Ghost Triangle. At a graveyard, one of the gang members, Marty, kills a groundskeeper. At Shorty’s, Waverly talks with Doc. He tells her about his trailer park and walks off.


Wynonna returns to the gravestone of her father, Ward, when she hears some noise, Marty digging up a grave. Wynonna sees his revenant eyes. He throws the grave dirt to throw her off and runs away at super speed. She brings a scrap of paper dropped by the revenant to Dolls. Marty is at a surplus with the other gang members. They ask for the hostages’ phones. The hostages include Shorty and Waverly’s boyfriend, Jeb. The sheriff arrives and Wynonna convinces Dolls to be a hostage. He strokes her hair. She is brought into the store and a revenant bind her hands. Three of the hostages are freed and Wynonna hears some stabbing. Doc tells Bobo that some of his cronies are looking to escape. Bobo mentions the Stone Witch. Waverly’s phone goes off and Doc fires at her. Marty has killed one of the gang, Garry. Wynonna uses the paper to unlock a safe. At Shorty’s, Doc confronts Waverly and she says, “You’re supposed to be a hero. You’re supposed to be Wyatt Earp’s best friend!” Dolls misses shooting one of the gang. The vault is opened and Marty opens a safety box to get a locket. Waverly and the other hostages are led out with the gang members. The van stops and Gary assembles the three objects as told by the Stone Witch. Wynonna takes out the chip planted by Dolls. Shorty is wounded. Sam shoots Marty. Wynonna tells Jeb to run. A black spirit comes out of Sam and he collapses. Shorty stands up and takes in the spirit. A pink cadillac arrives (the Stone Witch?). Jeb sees Dolls, he knocks out Shorty and she kills the two revenants. She finally kills Shorty sending away Sam. Waverly is at Shorty’s and Officer Haught is there when Jeb comes in to kiss her. Dolls talks with Wynonna and he tells her that Shorty’s death is collateral damage. She sees Doc who introduces himself as “My name is John Henry. Most people just call me Doc.” Four Silver Bullets out of Five!